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Auto Insurance Facts For Teen Drivers

Auto Insurance Facts for Teen Drivers

When a teenager gets their driver’s license, they want to hit the open road and set out on their first real adventure. But before they can go anywhere, they need to get car insurance first. There are a few facts about auto insurance that teen drivers should be aware of before they start off down that open road.


Adding To Your Parent’s Insurance Is A Good Way To Start

A teen driver may find it a little difficult to get an insurance policy in their own name because of their age and their lack of a credit profile. In most cases, the best approach is to get added to your parent’s insurance policy and agree to pay the premium increase. After a year or two of a good driving record, then you can get your own policy.

The Type Of Car Makes A Difference

Car insurance for a sports car owned by someone over the age of 25 can be expensive, but that same insurance for a teenager can be much higher. In order to keep your insurance rates down, consider getting a functional family sedan and establish a good driving record before you start looking into sports cars.

Remember To Ask For Discounts

Some auto insurance companies offer premium discounts for teenagers with good grades in school. Even for a teen driver, there are insurance premium discounts that are available that can save you a lot of money on your monthly insurance payment.

Teen drivers need to make sure that they have good insurance in place before they start driving by themselves for the first time. By shopping around and understanding the options that are available, teen drivers can find policies with premiums they can afford and the coverage that they need to feel safe on the roads.

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