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Create Your Own Roadside Emergency Kit

Create Your Own Roadside Emergency Kit
Problems on the road can happen to anyone and at any time. Most drivers experience a flat tire or some kind of emergency at some point. Prepare yourself by creating your own roadside kit. Here are tips about what to include.

Choose a backpack or hard plastic carrying case for your kit. It should be portable yet large enough to contain the following items:

• Flashlight: you don’t want to be caught without a light source if you are stranded roadside at night.

• Rain Poncho: keeps you dry if you must exit your vehicle during a storm.

• Warning light or reflective cone: If your safety hazard lights aren’t working, you’ll need these to warn motorists of your disabled car.

• Tools: include pliers, screwdrivers and wrenches

• Tire repair kit: you can find these at most automotive stores.

• First aid kit: for the road, these should include bandages, burn cream, antibiotic ointment, medical scissors and analgesics.

• Jumper cables: these can be stored inside or outside the kit, but every vehicle should carry a set of jumper cables.

• Emergency blanket: roadside emergencies can happen in any weather extreme. Even if you are a member of an auto club, help might not arrive for a while if the weather is severe. These blankets are lightweight yet help keep you warm until you are taken to safety.

Make sure to also include copies of important forms, such your insurance and your auto plan cards. If you are involved in an accident, it is important to have the numbers of your insurance company and your auto plan on hand. In addition, individualize your kit according to your personal needs. If you take prescription medications and you are traveling in remote areas, it is wise to take your medications along with you in case you become stranded, for example.

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