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Different types of health insurance


Recent laws now require individuals to have health insurance. Not only do recent laws require a person choose specific qualifying health insurance policies. Here is a brief overview of the health insurance options available.

Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plans are among the most common plans offered by employers. Once the person selects a primary care provider, the individual must then seek care from the physician and be referred if additional medical services are advised. If the person seeks care from an approved provider, the care is covered under the plan. Seeking care outside of the network may mean that the patient is responsible for paying the service completely out of pocket if not a qualifying medical emergency. A co-pay is required for every doctor visit. The patient is allowed to select their primary care physician.

The Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) functions similarly. An annual deductible must be met in order to utilize the coverage. In some cases, one can get the care they need for doctor visits prior to satisfying the deductible requirement. Most participants in the network have been pre-approved and have agreed to provide the care for a discounted rate. In this particular type of plan, no referrals are required in order to get medical services. While the HMO plans tend to be the most affordable, the PPO plan is slightly more expensive in offering a greater degree of flexibility. Some plans require that a claim be submitted before one can be reimbursed for services.

The Health Savings Account (HSA) plan can be used to lower the costs of insurance for families and individuals. People are eligible for this type of plan if one enrolls in a qualifying plan with a high deductible. Companies that feature plans with higher deductibles can choose to enroll in an approved plan. This type of plan operates differently from the previous two plans in that it is managed directly by the individual through a banking institution. Funds are set aside on a regular basis and applied toward deductibles, co-pays and other medical expenses.

In order to compare plans, getting health insurance quotes can help you determine the appropriate level of coverage for you or your family. Obtaining general insurance is required by law. In order to satisfy this requirement, there must be a qualifying general insurance plan. Knowing how each individual plan works makes it easier to choose the right plan for individual health needs.

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