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Allstate vs. Liberty Mutual

People who want to save money on their auto insurance know that they can save money by being smart shoppers. Comparing products and prices before buying inevitably results in savings to your wallet. The insurance industry is governed by both State and Federal regulations and, among other things, enables the consumer to get free price quotes customized to fit their own needs and their own personal profile. Comparison shopping is a savvy way to acquire insurance for your vehicle and helps maintain a competitive environment for all consumers.

We at General.com work hard to help provide you with the tools you need to make the smartest auto insurance choice for you and your family. If you’d like to see head to head prices from Allstate and Liberty we can efficiently provide those comparisons for you quick and easily online without you having to engage in multiple communications with different companies. Insurance companies need to know a little about you before they can provide a premium quote. General.com provides the means to provide that data to companies like Allstate and Liberty Mutual and receive apples to apples price comparisons for your consideration.

What About Allstate Insurance?

Formally titled The Allstate Corporation, the company is a widely known national brand that has assured policy holders that “are in good hands” when they acquire insurance from them. Allstate had its origins back in the early 1930’s when the Sears and Roebuck company sought to expand into financial services to take advantage of increased car ownership and the attendant need for consumers to protect their new investments. The company was named after a popular tire that Sears sold from their esteemed catalog. In 1993 Allstate was spun off via an initial public offering as an independent entity.

Allstate Insurance is headquartered in Northfield Township in the state of Ohio and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The company’s 2018 financial statements reported almost $40 billion of annual revenue and net income of $2 billion for the year. IN addition to revenue and profits, Allstate has earned top credit ratings from all of the major monitoring agencies. That level of financial strength earns Allstate a spot on Forbes list of Fortune 100 companies.

Allstate’s solid financial position means that they are very likely to remain a stable entity into the future, ensuring that they will have the assets to protect you when you need them. Insurance industry figures show that Allstate is the fourth largest insurer of private vehicles, they carry of full range of auto insurance products and have a vast network of agents through the U.S.

Multiple Vehicle NO YES
Multiple Policy YES YES
Vehicle Safety YES YES
New Vehicle YES YES
Good Student YES YES
Student Away from Home YES NO
Completed Driver Training Course YES NO
Safe Driver YES NO
Length of Membership YES NO
Paperless YES NO
Pay in Full YES YES
Automatic Payment YES YES
Anti-Theft YES YES
Hybrid NO YES
New Grad NO YES
Newly Married NO YES
Newly Retired NO YES

How Can You Save Money With Allstate Insurance?

Unlike stores selling tangible consumer products at the same price for particular product to all customers, the price of Insurance products, including auto insurance, is determined by a number of different individual factors. Insurers take into account things like where you live, how old you are, your past driving record, the age and make of your car, etc. IN addition to your personal factors, there are a variety of coverage options you can avail yourself of. Taken together, these factors make up a profile that auto insurance providers use to price their products for you.

Consumers should also know that many auto insurance providers offer specialized discounts for things like being a veteran, having a safe driving record and having taken a refresher course on driver safety. These things should be carefully researched before committing to a car insurance policy.

General.com has built a platform that simplifies and streamlines the process of getting your information to Allstate and underwriting professionals at many other carriers. You get to see clear alternatives, clear comparative pricing options before you commit yourself to automobile coverage.

Age Allstate avg. annual premium Liberty Mutual avg. annual premium
Teens $6,442 $6,559
20s $2,636 $2,686
30s $1,920 $2,686
40s $1,912 $1,926
50s $1,893 $1,793
60s $1,768 $1,746

OK, how about Liberty Insurance?

The Boston, Massachusetts based Liberty Mutual Group is a Fortune 100 company providing a suite of insurance products such as automobile, property and casualty and may other lines of of financial protection. Known more simply as “Liberty”, the company started in 1912 as the Massachusetts Employees Insurance Association and initially provided workers compensation protection. The firm began offering auto insurance in 1917 and over the years branched out into other insurance products and financial services. Today, Liberty employs more than 50,000 people worldwide, the company’s recent financial reports show revenues of over $39 billion, and total assets of over $142 billion. As it’s name indicates, Liberty is a mutual company, meaning that policy holders themselves are considered the shareholders of the company. This

Will you get better pricing from Liberty?

Smart car owners do their absolute best to maintain safe driving records and are on the lookout for any and all discount opportunities they are eligible to receive when they purchase automobile insurance. But they realize that safety is a continual process and some discounts are offered only on a periodic basis. In order to ensure that you are getting the best deal from Liberty you’ll want to see their option side by side with another car insurance carrier. You want to see that basic liability and collision options are what’s called like to like. And if you are interested in additional Liberty insurance coverage products such as Emergency Road Service, Rental Reimbursements and others, you want to be able to be reassured that you are not paying more than you need to for them. At General, we will do the leg work of organizing and providing competing auto insurance quotes based on your inputs, some onscreen clicks and a few minutes of your day, right from your own home.

Allstate Insurance vs. Liberty – Who’s Got the Best Rate?

Before you can get your insurance premium quotes, think about what level of coverage best suits your needs. Products can range from simple, standard coverage of damage and injury reimbursements to more robust coverage providing additional protections against things like emergency Road Service, damaged or stolen audio systems and a host of other options. It’s difficult to accurately determine whether Allstate or Liberty would be cheaper for you unless you are able to have side by side scenarios and pricing. Remember, auto insurance premiums are individualized for each consumer and, as noted, look at your past driving record, the age of your car, the model of your car, whether you live in a city or a rural are. In other words, a host of inputs determines your rate.

The Bottom Line for Car Insurance Savings

If you want to make sure that you’re paying the best price possible between Allstate and Liberty auto insurance options, we here at General.com can empower you to get the most economical option. Our platform will greatly simplify the process of doing deep due diligence into competing insurance providers and let you know that you’ve made a smart financial choice.

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