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Montana Car Insurance

People living in Montana love it for many reasons. There are many deer, antelope, elk, and other animals that crisscross the state, as well as many farms and roads. The unique makeup of the state means that some car insurance risks are higher than the same risks would be in other states. There are numerous risks for car crashes in Montana, and automobile insurance is required in order to drive legally. Getting the right types of car insurance coverage is essential, and with free quotes at General, you can find the best rates for car insurance in Montana that suit your needs quickly and easily. Knowing what the top discounts for car insurance are, as well as the minimum requirements in the state, is essential. This article will touch on what you need to know to get the best prices for automobile insurance available.

Auto Insurance Requirements In Montana

Liability insurance coverage is required in the state of Montana by law. This type of coverage helps cover the costs that arise from being at fault in an automobile accident. While most people think that they are safe drivers and are therefore can avoid into an accident that is their fault, many people do end up in the situation. This is why it is mandated for drivers in Montana to have $25,000 for bodily injury coverage per person and $50,000 for total bodily injury per accident involving multiple people. In addition, a person must carry $20,000 of total property damage coverage.

Other types of insurance plans are also available in the state, including collision insurance coverage, comprehensive insurance coverage, medical payments coverage, uninsured motorist coverage, and numerous others. Providing proof of insurance is required by law if you are pulled over, but only for the required insurance types.

Getting the minimum limits required by law for liability insurance coverage and property damage coverage can help, but often people need more. People often choose to get more of these types of coverage to further protect themselves, as well as the other optional insurance coverages available. If you are found to be at fault in an accident, you will also be liable for expenses related to injuries and property damages that you cause. This can be thousands of dollars. You can be sued for the cost of these expenses, so having a valid car insurance policy that fits your needs is recommended.

Average Cost Of Coverage In Montana

A person’s car insurance rates are affected by many factors. One of the biggest things that affects your insurance costs is your driving record. Focusing on being a safe driver can help you decrease the cost of your insurance policy over time. In addition, a person’s age, gender, marital status, credit rating, and the make, model, and year of your vehicle, among other things, can have an effect on your rates.

Montana has lower rates on average for automobile insurance in comparison to the national average. Plus, it is easy to change car insurance companies and save on costs. This can be done whether a person is in the middle of their automobile insurance policy or at the end. If you do decide to switch car insurance companies, make sure to cancel the plan you have with your old company only after your new policy has begun. Most people pay too much for car insurance, and at General you can save. Take advantage.

Age Average Premium (yearly)
16 $7,247
17 $6,143
18 $5,656
19 $3,291
20s $2,038
30s $1,604
40s $1,557
50s $1,447
60s $1,451
70s $1,693

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies In Montana

Some of the top companies for automobile insurance policies in Montana include Safeco, Farmers Union, Nationwide, and there are others to consider as well. People should get quotes from multiple companies when considering which to purchase a plan from. Each provider uses different formulas to determine what a person will pay, and these formulas can change from one year to the next. Due to this, it is smart to compare rates for multiple companies each year. Make sure to take advantage of all of the ways you can save money on an auto insurance plan as well, to help lower your rates.

Rank Company  Avg. Premium (annual)
1 SAFECO $857
2 USAA $1,103
3 Progressive $2,004
4 Farmers $2,079
5 Allstate $2,557
6 Metropolitan $4,927

Unique Car Insurance Rules And Penalties In Montana

In Montana, it is a misdemeanor to drive without a valid auto insurance policy that meets the minimum requirements. People can face fines, fees, license suspension, and points on their license. In addition, jail time can also be given depending on the situation. A person who gets points on their license will often find themselves paying more for automobile insurance, as people who have more points are generally deemed to be more likely to make claims again in the future.

Violation Avg. Annual Auto Insurance Rate % Insurance Rate Increase $ Insurance Rate Increase
Hit and Run $2,130 54% $743
Refused Breathalyzer/Chemical Test $2,000 44% $613
DUI $2,000 44% $613
Racing $2,121 53% $734
Reckless Driving $2,070 49% $682
Driving with a Suspended License $2,112 52% $724
At-Fault Accident $1,991 43% $603
Driving with an Open Container $1,887 36% $500
Operating a Vehicle Without Permission $1,975 42% $588
Passing a School Bus $1,903 37% $516
Improper Passing $1,819 31% $431
Following Too Closely $1,885 36% $497
Speeding $1,758 27% $371
Failure to Stop at a Red Light $1,819 31% $431
Illegal Turn $1,821 31% $433
Driving Wrong Way/Wrong Lane $1,819 31% $431
Failure to Yield $1,819 31% $431
Speeding in a School Zone $1,830 32% $443
Driving Too Slowly $1,776 28% $388
Distracted Driving $1,851 33% $464
Driving with Expired Registration $1,635 18% $247
Failure to Show Documents $1,635 18% $247
Not-at-Fault Accident $1,443 4% $55
Failure to Use Child Safety Restraint $1,488 7% $100
Failure to Wear a Seat Belt $1,542 11% $154
Driving Without Lights $1,480 7% $92

How To Get The Cheapest Car Insurance In Montana

Getting the best rates for auto insurance in Montana can be done by comparison shopping, but there are other ways people can get the cheapest auto insurance plans to suit their needs. First, make sure you are taking advantage of the best discounts available to you. These can include things like pay in full discounts, good driver discounts, multicar discounts, multi-plan discounts, and more. Knowing other ways to save money and get the best prices for car insurance is essential too.

Getting a deductible that you can afford is a smart plan, but remember that many people pay lower premiums by raising the deductible that they pay. If you are involved in an accident, your insurance policy pays out when you pay the deductible, however, so keep that in mind. In addition, make sure that you get the car insurance types you need. In the long run, having more insurance can save you overall, particularly if you are in an accident. Consider getting comprehensive insurance coverage, collision insurance coverage, lease gap coverage, medical payments coverage, and other types of insurance.

Compare prices from multiple companies and for many different types of plans here at General. The tools on this website bring you free quotes for car insurance in Montana. In addition, you can check the prices for different types of coverage being added to your policies, different deductibles being utilized, and more. By using the best website for car insurance, General, you can keep more money in your pocket and get the best policy available for your needs. Take advantage.

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