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NAIC Number For Car Insurance Company – How To Find It?


Hopefully you will never need to, but if you ever do, filing an insurance claim or DMV report means that you will need specific information, including referencing the National Association of the Insurance Commissioners number, more commonly referred to as the NAIC number. This is a number that references the insurance company you purchased your policy from. The NAIC, or National Association of the Insurance Commissioners, is an organization that not government related and helps protect people who purchase insurance policies.

What Is An NAIC Number? 

An NAIC number, which is available at naic.org, is created by NAIC. NAIC is a commission of insurance companies all over the United States. That includes companies like 21st Century, General Insurance, and many other major insurance providers for automobiles. This number helps keep track of insurance companies, as well as helping increase the efficiency under which the NAIC operates.

When you know where to look, finding your NAIC number this pretty easy to do.

NAIC Numbers For Top Insurance Companies 

Here is a list of some of the most prominent insurance companies and their NAIC numbers. They are in alphabetical order for more convenience. Additionally, there are more examples of numbers later on to add to the description of how the numbers work.

Each company has its own NAIC number to identify it. Many major insurance companies have multiple NAIC numbers to help identify the state or region an insurance policy was purchased. Smaller insurance companies that are under the umbrella of a larger insurance company will likely also have their own NAIC number. While this list of NAIC numbers is handy, you will want to verify the accuracy of these numbers at naic.org or by utilizing any of the options that are listed below in this section. Be sure to not only check for the name of the larger provider, but also that the state, region, or smaller company match up.

  • 21st Century Advantage Insurance Company: NAIC # 25232
  • Allstate Insurance Company: NAIC # 19232
  • Erie Insurance: NAIC # 26263
  • Esurance: NAIC # 25712
  • Farmers Insurance Exchange: NAIC # 21652
  • Federal Insurance Company: NAIC # 20281
  • First Liberty Insurance Corporation: NAIC # #3588
  • Government Employees Insurance Company: NAIC # 22063
  • Liberty Mutual Insurance Company: NAIC # 23043
  • Nationwide General Insurance Company: NAIC # 23760
  • Progressive Northwestern Insurance Company: NAIC # 42919
  • USAA General Indemnity Company: NAIC # 18600

To show examples of the different member company’s numbers, we have added these additional numbers: 

  • 21st Century Auto Insurance Company of New Jersey: NAIC #11684
  • 21st Century Centennial Insurance Company: NAIC: 34789
  • 21st Century Assurance Company: NAIC #44245

As another reminder, you will want to verify the NAIC number that we have listed above for accuracy before using it on any forms or paperwork. The numbers that a company or branch has can vary between the regions and places. Here are some of the ways that you can find the most accurate NAIC numbers to use. Places you are most likely to need to reference your NAIC number is when you are filling out paperwork for your state's Department of Motor Vehicles or if you are filing an insurance claim. Below are some of the ways that you can find and verify your NAIC number to make sure that you are providing an accurate number when filling out this very important paperwork.

How to find NAIC Number of your Insurance Company 

One of the easiest ways to find your NAIC number is to utilize a trusted search engine using your web browser. In the search box, type in both the name of your insurance company and “NAIC number” to complete the search. 

Be aware that some of the larger insurance providers may have multiple NAIC numbers. Often, these numbers represent each one of the member companies within the larger insurance provider. An insurance provider may have an NAIC number for its branch in Colorado, for example. The branch they have in New York may have a different NAIC number. Make sure to select the branch of the insurance provider you purchased your insurance through.

Another way to find your insurance providers NAIC number is to look at the proof of insurance card your insurance company issued you when you purchased your insurance. Generally speaking, the NAIC number is located on this card and is easy to find. Some companies do not have this number labeled as the NAIC number, but instead list of the number on their insurance cards as the “Company Number.” If the NAIC number on your card it is not easy to find or you are unsure whether or not it is an accurate number, the best plan is to use another option on this list.

The declarations page of your automobile insurance plan is also the excellent spot to look for your NAIC number.

Additionally, the NAIC number of your car insurance company it is a searchable at naic.org. The website for NAIC has a search box that can be extremely helpful. Just type the name of your company into the box, select the business type, and click on "Find a Company." Similarly to utilizing search engines, you may see multiple NAIC numbers associated with your insurance provider. Choose the number that corresponds with the branch you purchased your policy from.

It is also important to note that the NAIC provides numbers for a wide variety of insurance policy types. These can include things like property insurance. As some companies will also offer coverage for cars, you will want to make sure you have the NAIC number that matches your automobile insurance policy.

Another simple option that is available is to call your insurance company and ask any if the operators or staff answer. This number is used quite often, so the people there should have easy access to what it is. 


The NAIC was founded in 1871 and has its headquarters in Kansas City. The group divides the United States into four separate geographic zones, northeastern, southeastern, Midwestern, and Western. These zones were created to help easily organize the NAIC's resources. Each zone has a chair, vice chair, and secretary. Each of these people sits on the NAIC's Executive Committee. The group holds three national meetings each year, in every season except for winter. Representatives and interested parties attend these meetings to learn about new and upcoming initiatives that the NAIC is pursuing. Sessions are also used to discuss, brainstorm, and review drafts, of new laws and regulations being pursued. Each meeting is followed up with notes in proceedings, being published in the Proceedings Of NAIC. 

The NAIC strives to achieve the goals of protecting the public interest, promoting competitive markets, facilitating the fair and equitable treatment of insurance consumers, encouraging reliability, solvency, financial solidarity of insurance institutions, and supporting and improving state regulations of the insurance industry. One part of what they do is that they assign an NAIC number to each underwriting company that provides insurance.

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