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Progressive vs. Farmers

There are many prominent auto insurance providers in the United States, and Progressive and Farmers are two of them. With a variety of policy options available, it is essential to note that one of the most effective ways to save money on auto insurance plans is to compare prices from multiple companies. Many other things are essential to consider as well, including customer service ratings and financial strength, and more.

For people who are looking to save money on car insurance, be aware that companies offer various discounts that can help you save. Also, each company uses a different equation to determine what rates people will pay for auto insurance plans. With so many variables used to determine a person’s prices, each company may give you a different quote on a similar policy.

All About Progressive

Progressive is an auto insurance company that also provides insurance for boats, motorcycles, and other motorized vehicles. Also, they provide policies for people who need homeowners insurance, renters insurance, life insurance, and more. Progressive is a large insurance company and is the third biggest insurance provider in the world. They are most known, however, for their vehicle insurance plans.

Rates by age

Age bracket Progressive avg. annual premium Farmers avg. annual premium
Teens $8,248 $6,518
20s $2,287 $2,020
30s $1,646 $2,020
40s $1,644 $1,511
50s $1,542 $1,507
60s $1,403 $1,402

Progressive ranks well in comparison to many other companies, scoring in the top 25% of insurance providers. There is a reason that companies that are not always in the top 10% still have a large market share. This is because each insurance carrier may have cheaper rates for specific demographics, among other things. Progressive offers not only liability car insurance, but also full coverage insurance plans, lease gap insurance, pet injury protection, rental car coverage, uninsured motorist coverage, personal injury protection, and other coverages as well. The company has great financial strength and numerous options available in terms of discounts.

Progressive Discounts And Savings

One of the discounts the company offers revolves around an opt-in program that collects information on a person’s driving habits. Information that is collected includes speeds, how much a person drives, the hours of the day that they drive during, and more. Progressive utilizes this information to adjust your risk profile, which can save you money. Not only that, but you get an automatic discount simply for using the program. The data is collected through a mobile app or a device that is plugged into your vehicle.

The company also offers rideshare insurance, which is not a discount, but is a great way to save money if you are working as a rideshare and get into a car accident. Other discounts that are available include a multi-policy discount, a multicar discount, a good driver discount, a good student discount, safety device discounts, and many others. If you bundle your auto insurance policy with another type of plan, such as homeowners' insurance, you can get a substantial discount as well.

All About Farmers

As one of the nation’s oldest auto insurance providers, Farmers Insurance is highly ranked and considered dependable. General is committed to pairing people up with the top fit for car insurance policies for them. Farmers Insurance is a top match for many people. How is Farmers auto insurance different than the competition?

First off, it has free online car insurance quotes available right here. Not all companies offer this, but many of them do. Numerous discounts are available, as well as 24-hour customer service and optional add-ons that other companies do not offer. One of these add-on options is new-car replacement accident forgiveness.

Farmers offers many supplemental coverage options for people who are looking for more than the minimum required amounts for auto insurance. This includes things like accident forgiveness, custom equipment protection, loss of use coverage, rideshare insurance, and glass and windshield coverage, among other options. Whether you are looking to buy auto insurance coverage for a new vehicle or are purchasing a used one, Farmers Auto Insurance could be your top choice.

Another benefit of utilizing Farmers insurance is that you can file claims on the go. The company’s highly rated app has more than 4.5 stars for usability on Google Play, and they have many online tools that their customers talk well of.

Farmers Discounts And Savings

Also, people often find car insurance savings on this website even if they are not obtaining a new vehicle. Getting new car insurance quotes from the top auto insurance providers each year can help you save. Since automobile insurance providers use different formulas to determine rates, many changes can happen from one year to the next.

People who purchase Farmers insurance find that there are not only standard discounts offered by the company, such as homeowners discounts and good driver discounts, but there are also situational discounts like occupational discounts, good student discounts, electric car discounts, and more. People can also save money by bundling multiple policies together, paying electronically, paying for their policy in full, and using Signal. Signal is an app that tracks your driving behavior and helps people qualify for additional discounts by driving safely.

Summary table of discount types

Discount Type Farmers Progressive
Multiple Policy Discount up to 10% up to 10%
EV/Hybrid Discount up to 5% --
Senior Adult Discount Varies --
Professional organization discount Varies --
Mature driver discount Varies --
Paid in full discount Varies Varies
Provider Switch Discount Varies Varies
Home Owner Discount Varies Varies
Preferred payment discount Varies Varies
Paperless documents discount Varies Varies
Anti-lock Brake Discount Varies --
Driving training discount Varies --
Electronic Stability Control Varies --
Affinity group discount Varies --
Driving Habits Discount Varies --
Family Discount Varies --
Good Payer Discount Varies --
Claims Free Renewal Discount Varies --
Youth Driving Discount Varies Varies
Early Quote Discount Varies --
Anti-Theft Device Discount Varies up to 5%
Defensive Driver Discount Varies Varies
E-billing Discount Varies Varies
Good Driver Discount Varies up to 26%
Good Student Discount Varies up to 10%
Loyalty Discount Varies Varies
Military Discount Varies Varies
Multiple Vehicle Discount Varies up to 30%
Organization Discount Varies --
Passive Restraint Discount Varies up to 10%
Prepay Discount Varies Varies
Student Away at School Discount Varies up to 10%
teenSMART Discount Varies Varies
Daytime Running Lights Discount Varies --
VIN Etching Varies --
On Your Own Discount Varies --
Good Credit Discount -- up to 84%
Starting your auto quote online discount -- Varies
Signing documents when you buy online discount -- Varies
No lapse in coverage discount -- Varies
Discount Finder -- Varies
Low Mileage Discount -- Varies
Continuous Coverage Discount -- Varies

Comparing Car Insurance Rates

To compare rates from multiple companies, you will need to get quotes. Fortunately, at General, you can get free quotes quickly and easily for automobile insurance plans in your area. You will want to have the appropriate information ready in order to get the most accurate quote possible. Information you will need includes your driver’s license, your vehicle information, including the VIN of the vehicle, plus information about the other drivers in your household. You will also want to know approximately how many miles you drive each day. In some cases, companies ask a few more questions to increase the accuracy of the quotes as well.

Customers of Farmers Auto Insurance often praise the company, talking about the many different coverage options and high-quality claims support. They also like the large number of available discounts. Customers of Progressive auto insurance like the flexibility in terms of coverage and the price. Regardless of what you are looking for in an automobile insurance company, however, keep in mind that it is a good idea to get quotes from multiple companies. Even companies that might not initially be a good fit may impress you with the pricing and the customer service they provide. Here at General, you can find free car insurance quotes to help you protect yourself financially, follow the law, and keep more of your hard-earned money with you.

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