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Allstate vs. Nationwide

States in the USA, almost all of them, require a person to purchase an auto insurance plan to drive legally in the state. Fortunately, there is a lot of competition between car insurance providers in the state overall. These competitive circumstances help lower rates for car insurance in many places. As a consumer, you will want to take advantage of the competition in your state. Also, there are laws in each state that drivers must follow if they do not want to face stiff penalties. These include the minimum limits your state requires you to have in your policy for you to be driving legally. A minimum limit is the lowest dollar amount of coverage you need in a required policy type to be an active driver operating a vehicle legally in the state.

Most states require liability insurance on a vehicle. Other states may also require insurance types like underinsured motorist coverage, uninsured motorist coverage, personal injury protection, and more. Check with your state to see which insurance types are required and which are optional. Some of the insurance types listed above might be optional, and there are also types of coverage that are going to be optional in most situations. These include rental car coverage, comprehensive insurance coverage, collision insurance coverage, and others as well. Two companies that offer insurance coverage in most areas are Allstate and Nationwide.

Car insurance rates by age

Age tier Allstate avg. annual premium Nationwide avg. annual premium
Teens $6,442 $3,624
20s $2,636 $1,582
30s $1,920 $1,582
40s $1,912 $1,151
50s $1,893 $1,114
60s $1,768 $1,028

All About Allstate

Allstate and Nationwide are two of the most advertised automobile insurance providers. There are many companies providing car insurance to the world, helping people to avoid tickets, fines, fees, and other penalties. Allstate tends to offer car insurance rates that are higher than Nationwide for bad drivers. They do offer competitive prices for different demographics, however. Allstate does offer more discounts, too, something to keep in mind. Some of the discounts that Allstate offers are listed below. Not only that, but Allstate does offer mobile home insurance, which is something that Nationwide does not. Both companies do offer boat insurance, life insurance, homeowners insurance, renters insurance, and other forms of insurance coverage as well.

Allstate Discounts And Savings

Allstate also offers numerous discounts, including many that Nationwide does not. This includes discounts for students that are away at school, discounts for driver training, discounts for green vehicles, one for having airbags, and numerous others. Like Nationwide, Allstate offers good student discounts, discounts for having multiple policies bundled together, good driver discounts, and defensive driver discounts as well.

The company also offers discounts for utility vehicles, farm vehicles, newly retired persons, and senior citizens.

All About Nationwide

Nationwide is a company that is known for its customer service. With many dedicated professionals and a customer service claims department that is highly rated, Nationwide as a company has strong financial rankings, user satisfaction, and does well in terms of customer service. They offer lower prices on policies than many other companies, but they also do not have as many discounts and perks.

Not all states offer the Nationwide Roadside Assistance program, but most of them do. You may need to purchase a roadside assistance program from another company if you are looking to get one in one of these states. Nationwide tends to offer better rates than Allstate in terms of a person’s credit level, but many other variables affect a person’s prices. Because of this, it is a smart plan to compare rates from multiple companies. Most professionals recommend comparing rates from at least 3 to 5 companies every year or two to make sure you are getting the cheapest policy available that suits all of your needs.

Nationwide Discounts & Savings

Nationwide does not offer as many discounts as Allstate does. Discounts at Nationwide, including good student discounts, multiple policy discounts, antitheft device discounts, good driver discounts, defensive driver discounts, and affinity membership alum discounts. Other than that, there is not much in terms of discounts that Nationwide offers. That said, they have a Superior financial strength rating, as does Allstate. With the JD Power Rankings, they have ranked four stars out of five.

Bundling policies through Nationwide is a fantastic way to save money on plans. The company offers many plans you can bundle policies with, including boat insurance, motorcycle insurance, RV insurance, life insurance, homeowners insurance, renters insurance, and more. Also, putting multiple cars on one policy can help you save. Sometimes people adjust their deductibles in limits to save money on a plan as well. One of the unique discounts that is provided by Nationwide is the Family Discount. This discount allows people to share discounts with other members of their family.

Comparing Car Insurance Rates

There are two main goals of people have one purchasing an automobile insurance plan. First, make sure you are getting all of the types of coverage you should be. For more expensive cars, this can involve getting comprehensive and collision coverage. For states that have high rates of people driving without insurance, uninsured motorist coverage, and underinsured motorist coverage may be a good plan. These could be required by law in your state. Personal injury protection can help pay for expensive medical bills that you incur and should be a consideration. Keep in mind that if you are leasing or financing a car, the terms of your loan or lease could require you to have comprehensive and collision coverage.

Car insurance discounts: AllState and Nationwide

Discount Type Allstate Nationwide
teenSMART Discount up to 35% --
Accident Forgiveness up to 30% Varies
Defensive Driver Discount up to 20% up to 10%
New Car Discount up to 15% --
Multiple Vehicle Discount up to 10% up to 20%
Passive Restraint Discount up to 10% --
Prepay Discount up to 10% --
Paid in full discount up to 10% --
Early Quote Discount up to 10% --
Multiple Policy Discount up to 10% up to 25%
Low Mileage Discount up to 10% --
Good Student Discount up to 10% up to 15%
Good Driver Discount up to 10% up to 10%
Farm Vehicle Discount up to 10% --
EV/Hybrid Discount up to 10% --
Anti-lock Brake Discount up to 10% --
E-billing Discount up to 10% --
Anti-Theft Device Discount up to 10% up to 5%
Preferred payment discount up to 5% Varies
Good Payer Discount up to 5% --
Student Away at School Discount up to 5% --
Senior Adult Discount up to 5% --
Paperless documents discount Varies Varies
Driving training discount Varies --
Deductible discount Varies --
Family Discount Varies up to 25%
Utility Vehicle Discount Varies --
Farm Bureau Discount -- up to 10%
Organization Discount -- up to 10%
Accident Free Discount -- Varies
Driving Habits Discount -- Varies
Affinity group discount -- Varies

It is recommended to get multiple quotes for automobile insurance, and General is happy to assist. On this website, you can access various free quote tools to find the policy you need at the price you want. Allstate and Nationwide are two of the more prominent car insurance companies in terms of volume in the country. They both have their strengths, and they both offer different types of unique coverages. Find the best prices for car insurance available in your state here at General. Getting reasonable prices on automobile insurance policies is something every car owner should strive to do. Too many people are overpaying for car insurance, so compare rates and start saving now.

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