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Car insurance for convicted drivers

When people are convicted of a crime, whether it is a misdemeanor or a felony, if it is auto-related, they are often wondering how their life will be affected. There are multiple types of tickets a person can get, and some of them are more serious than others. A person who is speeding five miles over the speed limit will likely not face as many fines and fees for other convictions. Things like drunk driving, reckless driving, and accidents people are found at-fault for, can have a much more significant impact on what a person pays for an automobile insurance policy, and whether they are accepted into car insurance coverage plans at all. There are multiple different types of car insurance policies, including standard policies and high-risk auto insurance plans. People with more serious convictions may only be able to purchase a policy through a company that offers high-risk auto insurance policies. Learn more about obtaining an automobile insurance plan as a convicted driver by reading further.

Can You Get Insurance If You Have Driving Convictions?

This depends on how many convictions you have, which companies you are looking to purchase a policy from, and other variables as well. In many cases, as a driver with convictions, you will be able to get automobile insurance. The more tickets and convictions you have, the higher you might pay for your car insurance plan overall. The severity of the convictions is essential, and it is possible for auto insurance providers to turn a person down due to their convictions. If this is the case, you may consider looking into auto insurance providers that only put out policies for higher-risk drivers. As a high-risk driver, you will be paying more per month on average for your car insurance plan, but you will be able to get to work, friends, family, and other loved ones much more easily with a vehicle.

Types Of Motoring Convictions

One type of motoring conviction that is out there is speeding. The number of miles per hour over the speed limit a person is going sometimes determines how many points a person will receive on their license. Points are one metric that auto insurance companies use to help determine what rates you will pay. A speeding ticket for 50 miles over the speed limit will have a higher amount of points assigned to it than 0 to 5 mph over. Some tickets do not give any points, but can still have an effect on your driving status. This includes driving without insurance, driving without proof of registration, and other tickets as well. With a wide range of motoring convictions available, if you are getting one or have already gotten one, you can use the tools here to find out more about the severity of the conviction and what you can expect.

What Convictions Are Accepted?

Some convictions, like drunk driving, may require additional paperwork or a specific amount of time where the convicted offender's license is suspended or revoked. There will be fines and fees in most cases before a person can get their license and registration renewed as well. Many convictions can happen, in terms of types, where the driver can still get an auto insurance plan relatively easily. This includes many speeding violations, among other things.

Do I Need To Declare Criminal Convictions?

Yes. You should disclose your criminal convictions. When you apply for your automobile insurance policy, you will be asked about this. If the car insurance company compares what you have said with the databases and records that are accessible, and find that you are lying, they may deny you a policy. Even if your policy is accepted, it is insurance fraud to not disclose your convictions to the car insurance provider when asked. People who do not disclose their convictions can be subject to specific consequences.

What Happens If I Don’t Disclose My Convictions?

If you do not disclose your convictions, you may find yourself in a tough legal position. Car insurance providers do an investigation when claims are made, and if they find that you have lied on your automobile insurance application, they might not accept your claim. Lying when purchasing insurance is considered insurance fraud, and it can result in a person being liable for tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. This is why it is essential to be honest with your car insurance provider when looking into policies. Also, by providing all of the honest information you can, there is a higher likelihood that you will find the best deals for auto insurance when shopping online using the tools here.

How To Save Money On Car Insurance For Convicted Drivers

The best way to save money on auto insurance as a convicted driver is to make it a point to maintain a good driving record from here on out. Comparison-shopping is also a top way to save money on automobile insurance, and this can directly impact what you pay from day one. Use the tools on this website to compare multiple auto insurance providers, keeping in mind that comparing prices from at least four is ideal. Have your driving record information available.

Other times, people are saving money on car insurance plans by looking into discounts, purchasing a less expensive or safer vehicle, and there are other reasons as well. You can find the best prices for car insurance available on this website, use the free quote tools to comparison shop and save today.

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