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Mississippi Car Insurance

Mississippi is the birthplace of many famous and incredible musicians. Elvis Presley was born in the city of Tupelo as an example. The first nuclear submarine built in the South is also made in the state, and HT Merrill from the city of Luka performed the world’s first round-trip transatlantic ocean flight in the year 1928.

Most people in the state get around by car, however. Mississippi car insurance can be purchased from several different companies. These companies are very competitive with each other, giving a fantastic opportunity for people to save money on their auto insurance policies. General has the tools you need to save money on your auto coverage plans.

Auto Insurance Requirements In Mississippi

Whether you are going out to get a root beer, which was invented in the state, or are interested in visiting family or friends, a vehicle is useful to have. In order to drive legally in the Mississippi, drivers are required to carry minimum amounts of certain types of car insurance. This includes bodily injury liability coverage in the amounts of $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident. In addition, $25,000 of property damage coverage per accident is required by law.

There are other ways a person can satisfy the proof of financial responsibility requirements in the state as well. Most drivers do decide to purchase auto insurance. However, other options include posting a bond for the minimum coverage amounts or making a deposit equal to the minimums that fit the requirements.

There are additional optional types of car insurance coverage that are also available for purchase, beyond the minimum required. Depending on your unique situation, you may decide to purchase additional types of auto insurance to further affect yourself. If you are concerned about expenses you might have to pay if you are involved in an accident with a person who does not have enough car insurance coverage to help cover expenses to your vehicle, uninsured motorist coverage can bring peace of mind, as an example.

Average Cost Of Coverage In Mississippi

The average cost of car insurance coverage in Mississippi is over 20% above the United States average nationally. In addition to the location a person lives, however, there are many other factors that determine what a person will pay for their auto insurance plan. A person’s age, marital status, and more can all play a role in what a person pays for their insurance. Other factors can be affected over time, like a person’s driving record, credit score, or the make, year, and model of their vehicle.

Another variable that affects what a person will pay for their car insurance policy is the types of insurance they get on the plan. In addition to the minimum requirements for insurance in the state, people may benefit from purchasing comprehensive insurance coverage, collision insurance coverage, and lease gap insurance coverage. For people who are taking out financing or getting a lease on their vehicle, these coverages may be required in the terms of their contract. Others choose to get these types of insurance as optional coverage.

Rental car coverage, roadside assistance coverage, special equipment coverage, medical payments coverage, and numerous other types are also available for purchase. Take a look at the needs you have as a driver and determine which types of auto insurance plans are best suited for your individual needs. When researching car insurance providers, get quotes from multiple companies at General.

Age Average Rate (yearly)
16 $8,987
17 $8,052
18 $6,722
19 $4,409
20s $2,423
30s $1,762
40s $1,599
50s $1,494
60s $1,491
70s $1,779

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies In Mississippi

Each company uses different formulas to determine what potential customers will be quoted. This creates a lot of competition in the automobile insurance industry. It is recommended to get car insurance quotes from between three and five companies each year. This can help people find the best rates for car insurance or affirm that the rates they have are the best available for their needs.

On the list of cheapest car insurance companies for drivers in Mississippi are Safeco, Direct Auto, and Allstate. Getting quotes from these companies, as well as others, can help you save. General is here to assist, providing the tools and information to help you along the way. With the tools on the site, you cannot only explore different companies but also what your car insurance rates will look like if you change your deductible, coverage amounts, coverage types, and more.

Rank Company Name Avg. Premium (annual)
1 Travelers $1,012
2 USAA $1,089
4 Nationwide $1,354
5 Safeco $1,659
6 Progressive $1,772

Unique Car Insurance Rules And Penalties In Mississippi

It is a misdemeanor to drive without auto insurance in the state of Mississippi. The Mississippi Code for Motor Vehicle Safety and Responsibility outlines some of the penalties that can be assessed. For the first violation a person receives, they can get a $500 fine. In addition, driving privileges could be suspended for up until one year or until they can prove that they have purchased the car insurance needed to fulfill the state's requirements. There are costs for reinstating a person’s license as well.

Also, people who are involved in a car crash can face more severe penalties. Outside of this, these drivers can be held responsible for the damages they cause in the accident. These expenses can add up to tens of thousands of dollars. Stay protected with a car insurance plan. Keep in mind that if you are caught driving without insurance in the state of Mississippi, you may be required to obtain an SR-22 certificate. People who have driven without insurance and caught can also face higher auto insurance premiums when they choose to purchase a policy again.

Violation Avg. Annual Auto Insurance Rate % Insurance Rate Increase $ Insurance Rate Increase
Hit and Run $2,442 59% $905
Refused Breathalyzer/Chemical Test $2,338 52% $801
DUI $2,338 52% $801
Racing $2,378 55% $841
Reckless Driving $2,300 50% $763
Driving with a Suspended License $2,323 51% $786
At-Fault Accident $2,217 44% $680
Driving with an Open Container $2,189 42% $652
Operating a Vehicle Without Permission $2,038 33% $501
Passing a School Bus $2,007 31% $470
Improper Passing $1,975 28% $438
Following Too Closely $2,092 36% $555
Speeding $1,901 24% $364
Failure to Stop at a Red Light $1,877 22% $340
Illegal Turn $1,948 27% $411
Driving Wrong Way/Wrong Lane $2,007 31% $470
Failure to Yield $1,877 22% $340
Speeding in a School Zone $1,837 20% $300
Driving Too Slowly $1,837 20% $300
Distracted Driving $1,983 29% $446
Driving with Expired Registration $1,739 13% $202
Failure to Show Documents $1,739 13% $202
Not-at-Fault Accident $1,667 8% $130
Failure to Use Child Safety Restraint $1,646 7% $109
Failure to Wear a Seat Belt $1,619 5% $82
Driving Without Lights $1,646 7% $109

How To Get The Cheapest Car Insurance In Mississippi

 Save money on auto insurance plans by using the tools here. Comparison-shopping is one of the best ways to save money on car insurance. Get multiple quotes from the cheapest auto insurance providers in the state and keep more money in your pocket. Also, look into all of the applicable discounts you could qualify for. Discounts include multi-plan discounts, multi-policy discounts, good driver discounts, anti-theft device discounts, low mileage discounts, and many others. Not every auto insurance provider offers every discount, and General is here to guide you through the process of getting free quotes, great rates, and the best auto insurance information around.

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