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Nebraska Car Insurance

If you are driving in the state of Nebraska and are involved in an automobile accident, you are liable for the bodily injury costs associated with the accident if you are deemed to be at fault. The same goes for damage you bring to other people’s property. Laws in the state are in place to help make sure people get financially protected. Massive fines, fees, penalties, and other consequences can arise. There are minimum amounts required by law, in addition to optional insurance coverage that people can purchase to protect themselves further. To find the most affordable costs for car insurance, General has put together free quotes from multiple companies. Get the best prices for car insurance available here using the free tools.

Auto Insurance Requirements In Nebraska

The state of Nebraska requires people to have liability insurance in order to drive legally in the state. Nebraska requires drivers to have bodily injury coverage in the amounts of $25,000 per person and $30,000 per accident when multiple people are injured in a crash. In addition, $25,000 for property damage liability coverage per accident is required.

There are also numerous types of optional auto insurance mandated. While Nebraska has a lower percentage of uninsured drivers than most states, uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage is a common type of insurance for people to have. This insurance covers your costs related to a car accident when it is another driver’s fault, and they lack insurance or they need more insurance to cover your expenses. Other optional insurance coverages include lease gap insurance, personal injury protection coverage, towing and labor coverage, comprehensive insurance coverage, and collision insurance.

Average Cost Of Coverage In Nebraska

The prices a person gets quoted for car insurance is dependent on numerous things, including which types of car insurance they decide to purchase. Also, each automobile insurance company uses different rates to determine the amount of money a person pays for their insurance policy. The average cost for car insurance in Nebraska is lower than the national average. Part of this is due to the lower rate of uninsured drivers in the state, though there are many other reasons as well. It is highly recommended to get quotes from multiple auto insurance providers when seeking out the best policy for you. Finding the cheapest auto insurance businesses in the state for your situation can be done quickly and easily at General.

Age Average Premium (yearly)
16 $5,238
17 $4,667
18 $4,232
19 $2,757
20s $1,571
30s $1,163
40s $1,113
50s $1,021
60s $1,018
70s $1,175

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies In Nebraska

Finding the cheapest automobile insurance companies in Nebraska starts with research. The providers in the state that bring the lowest rates on average include Nationwide, Farmers Mutual of Nebraska, Progressive, Farm Bureau Financial Services, and others as well. The team at General recommends getting auto insurance quotes from at least four companies. Different companies can cater to different demographics of drivers. For minimum coverage in the state of Nebraska, many people choose to go with Farmers Mutual of Nebraska to save money. Drivers with poor credit can often find the best rates with Nationwide and Farmers Mutual of Nebraska. High-risk drivers often see the lowest rates from American Family.

It essential to get free quotes from multiple auto insurance providers, and it is also important to know what the rules are in the state, as well as the penalties for driving without insurance. Many people feel they can cut corners on their car insurance policies to save money, but this often ends up costing them a lot more money. Plus, they are less financially protected, which can have a major impact on their lives.

Rank Company  Avg. Premium (annual)
1 Safeco $497
2 American National P&C $636
3 The Hartford $851
4 Farm Bureau Mutual (IA Group) $1,143
5 Allied $1,162
6 Nationwide $1,168
7 USAA $1,261
8 Cal Casualty $1,277
10 Progressive $1,843

Unique Car Insurance Rules And Penalties In Nebraska

Law enforcement officers in the state of Nebraska can request proof of financial responsibility if they pull you over, or they arrive at the scene of an accident. People who are unable to provide proof of insurance or other financial responsibility will get a ticket from the officers. This results in the immediate suspension of their driver’s license, as well as their automobile registration. The officers can also remove the license plate on a person’s vehicle immediately.

A person’s driving privileges are suspended for an indefinite period, including until you can come to a courtroom and provide valid proof of insurance there. This proof of insurance can be a newly purchased automobile insurance plan or an SR-22 document, which is filed by your insurance company. If you provide proof within ten days, you can avoid additional reinstatement fees and privileges. After ten days, you will be subject to additional reinstatement fees.

After a car crash, additional penalties and consequences can be given. People in the state of Nebraska can be required to cover the cost of medical bills and repair costs of the other party. They will still need to provide proof of insurance and pay for reinstatement fees due to the situation.

Violation Avg. Annual Auto Insurance Rate % Insurance Rate Increase $ Insurance Rate Increase
Hit and Run $2,038 59% $754
Refused Breathalyzer/Chemical Test $1,898 48% $614
DUI $1,898 48% $614
Racing $2,038 59% $754
Reckless Driving $2,072 61% $788
Driving with a Suspended License $2,038 59% $754
At-Fault Accident $1,763 37% $478
Driving with an Open Container $1,754 37% $469
Operating a Vehicle Without Permission $1,608 25% $324
Passing a School Bus $1,574 23% $290
Improper Passing $1,574 23% $290
Following Too Closely $1,576 23% $292
Speeding $1,538 20% $254
Failure to Stop at a Red Light $1,560 21% $275
Illegal Turn $1,576 23% $292
Driving Wrong Way/Wrong Lane $1,558 21% $274
Failure to Yield $1,576 23% $292
Speeding in a School Zone $1,533 19% $249
Driving Too Slowly $1,505 17% $221
Distracted Driving $1,570 22% $285
Driving with Expired Registration $1,509 17% $224
Failure to Show Documents $1,509 17% $224
Not-at-Fault Accident $1,429 11% $145
Failure to Use Child Safety Restraint $1,414 10% $130
Failure to Wear a Seat Belt $1,391 8% $106
Driving Without Lights $1,414 10% $130

How To Get The Cheapest Car Insurance In Nebraska

Saving money on car insurance can be done in numerous ways. One of the top ways to get the cheapest auto insurance in Nebraska is to comparison shop at General. Find the best prices for car insurance available using the free quote tools here. In addition to getting free quotes for car insurance from multiple providers, you will want to seek out any discounts you can qualify for. This includes the safety devices discounts, good driver discounts, policy bundling discounts, and more. Some people choose to pay for their entire policy in full when they purchase it for an additional discount.

Using the free car insurance quote tools and links on this page, you can find the best rates for car insurance available and keep more money in your wallet or purse. Keep in mind that it is important to get the auto insurance coverage you need. Also, remember that sometimes lenders and leasing companies add additional insurance requirements into the terms of their loan or lease, something to check up on if applicable. Find the best policy from the top car insurance providers in Nebraska and save now.

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