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Erie has some of the best rates on the market and their customer service is huge.


Erie Insurance was founded in 1925 as an auto insurer. They started in Erie, PA and short thereafter expanded to Pittsburgh. They were solely in Pennsylvania until 1953 when they set up shop in Maryland. During that time Erie expanded to other areas and added homeowner’s insurance in 1961, life insurance in 1967, and then commercial lines after that. They currently operate in twelve states and Washington D.C. Erie Insurance is currently in the Fortune 500 and in 2014 they were ranked 13th in best insurance companies, as reported by How does a company that only operates in twelve states get to 382 on the Fortune 500? Erie has some of the best rates on the market and their customer service is huge. Erie is an old-fashioned company that keeps on trucking.

Pros and Cons


  • Erie offers locked in rates for long term clients
  • Their customer service is personal and highly commended.
  • Low premiums in most cases


  • Limited availability especially on the West Coast
  • Very little internet presence. Customer can't buy or manage their policies online.
  • A small number of product lines.

Erie Insurance Coverage

Erie Insurance doesn't have a lot of product lines but they do have some interesting policies as add-ons and some policies that are unique to them. Some features aren't available in all states. It’s always best to speak with an agent about specific policies available.

  • Accident Forgiveness only kicks in after three years as a policy holder. When it does it prevents you from getting charged for your first at-fault accident.
  • Travel Expense Coverage gives a food and lodging stipend of $75 dollars per passenger if policy holders are stranded from an accident away from home.
  • Pet Injury Coverage is an add-on that pays up to $500 for pests injured in an automobile accident and up to $1,000 with a comprehensive insurance policy.
  • Comprehensive Perks are extras associated with a comprehensive insurance policy through Erie Insurance. Below are a list of perks associated with the comprehensive policy, these are not add-ons.
  • Glass Repair offers no deductible for a replacement windshield and new wiper blades.
  • Locksmith Service gives $75 coverage if a policy holder locks their keys in the car.
  • Personal Items $350 coverage for clothing, luggage, and other belongings in the event of an accident. This extra is also included with collision insurance coverage.
  • Auto Plus Package for a $30 ($25 in NC) yearly up-charge this package adds other benefits to an Erie insurance policy. These extras are not always available in all states.
  • Diminishing Deductible drops policyholder's deductible $100 per year without a claim, up to $500.
  • 10 Extra Days is increased coverage for rental car coverage.
  • Higher Limits for locksmith costs, personal items and other policy features.
  • Waived Deductible in the event of an accident involving both the policyholder's insured home and vehicle the holder would only pay the home deductible and not both.
  • Death Benefit offers $10,000/person in the event of death from a covered accident.
  • Rate Lock gives the policyholder a locked in rate until they change the parameters of their coverage. This feature isn't available in New York but Erie Insurance gives the accident forgiveness add-on without the three-year stipulation.

There are some other add-ons and perks available including new car protection, better car protection, rental car coverage, and rideshare coverage.

Driver Profile Average Quote
18-Year-Old $478 per month
21-Year-Old $257 per month
45-Year-Old $114 per month
45-Year-Old with a Speeding Ticker $123 per month
45-Year-Old with a DUI $197 per month
55-Year-Old $106 per month
65-Year-Old $115 per month

Standard Insurance Coverage

  • Liability
  • Collision
  • Comprehensive

Car Insurance Rates

Erie Insurance company is one of the most affordable companies in the industry and are consistently 32-38% cheaper than the average across the board. This stems from not only generations of buyer loyalty but also their seeming commitment to taking care of their customers. One demographic that often gets charged higher rates is younger drivers and even in this area Erie has an edge on other companies. An 18-year-old male with no accidents will be charged $3,614. Another demographic that sees higher prices is drivers who have incurred a speeding ticket in Philadelphia Erie charges that individual $56/month compared to Allstate who charges $143/month.

Car Insurance Discounts

Erie has remarkable few discounts but their prices are statistically lower than the national average so that isn't particularly surprising. Listed below are the discounts available to Erie Insurance customers.

  • Multi Policy Discount when customers have multiple product-lines, they will receive a discount that may vary by state.
  • Anti-theft Device offers up to 5% discount for employing an anti-theft device on their vehicle.
  • Away at School when a student leaves the car while they are away to college.
  • Prepay for paying full premium up front.
  • Driving Training Discount for younger drivers that complete a driving course.
  • Youth Discounts for drivers who are under 21 and still live with parents or had previously been covered under their parent's policy.

Erie Insurance Vs. Competitors

Erie Insurance is a widely trusted and highly affordable insurance provider, and while it is unlikely that many companies can match their prices, there may be some that are able to. Erie is a bare bones insurance company without a vast array of product lines to choose from so some may want more versatility. Below are three competitors in the market, to see how they compare to Erie Insurance.

Erie Insurance Vs Allstate: Allstate is a well-known company with an excellent reputation. They match up well against Eerie, and offer similar product lines and services. Erie beats Allstate on price hands down with rates two to three times higher than Erie offers. Allstate beats Erie in regards to discounts and services like mobile app and 24/7 service. The primary drawback of Erie is that they are not very connected to the internet and do their business through agents who may charge a little more than an online service can provide. For quality of service it is hard to do better than Erie but for many their services may not be available since they have such a limited service area. There are some aspects of Allstate that put it over the top, and make it a more versatile choice in the market. If you live in a state where Erie operates, they have a much more personal touch and more affordable rates.

Erie Insurance Vs AAA: Erie Insurance operates in twelve states and Washington D.C. and AAA operates throughout the U.S. Erie stacks up pretty well against AAA but AAA is actually a little cheaper with their initial quotes. AAA averages $23/month in Illinois compared to Erie which averages at $38/month. AAA was cheaper in Illinois but in Indiana AAA averages to $367/month now I couldn't find Erie's rates but statistically it is likely lower than AAA's price. AAA is possibly the better option for some consumers, they have better roadside service and in general offers lower rates for coverage. They may not work for younger drivers where AAA tends to raise prices but overall AAA is a little stronger for service and price.

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