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Dollar a Day Insurance

If you think that it is not possible to get insurance for one dollar per day, you should know that in some regards you can in the state of New Jersey. New Jersey automobile insurance minimums are different than many other states. The state does have a few programs to help people get insurance if they need it. Located on the East Coast, New Jersey is situated near numerous other states. Driving in the state is necessary in most areas, so having a vehicle and vehicle insurance is essential. Whether you are traveling to other states often, heading to New York City, visiting family and friends in the state of New Jersey, or considering moving there, knowing the facts about getting an automobile insurance policy there is essential.

Dollar A Day Car Insurance Coverage

Dollar a day automobile insurance does not meet the minimum requirements for car insurance in the state of New Jersey. It also cannot be combined with regular car insurance policies, which can be confusing to some people. There are numerous options for car insurance that is not only affordable, but legal in the state. There are multiple steps to getting an automobile insurance policy, and the first is research and education about what is offered in your state and city.

Dollar a Day automobile insurance policies are available in New Jersey. They allow people who have lower incomes to save money on the medical liability portion of their automobile insurance. People must qualify for Medicaid in order to get this type of policy. The Dollar a Day insurance policy literally costs $365 per year. Developed by the Department of Banking Insurance in the state of New Jersey, it was designed for drivers who do not carry a car insurance plan on their vehicles because they cannot afford it. This way, they can have medical liability coverage in case they cause an auto crash. It is essential to keep in mind that this program does not include any other types of automobile insurance. People who are on this plan can be responsible for damage to another people’s property.

People who have this type of insurance are still driving illegally since they are not meeting the minimum requirements for automobile insurance in the state of New Jersey. The program does, however, reduce the number of unpaid medical bills and lawsuits that result from accidents. Only 200,000 drivers in the state of New Jersey qualify for Dollar a Day car insurance.

Cost of SAIP Insurance

People who are looking to get SAIP Insurance, or the Dollar a Day plan, will find the cheapest auto insurance options with Dollar a Day insurance. There are no surprises when it comes to this type of insurance plan, and no quotes are offered. This is because Dollar A Day car insurance always costs one dollar per day. While some states have lower automobile insurance plans than others, this is the cheapest car insurance plan you’re going to find in New Jersey. No other states currently offer a Dollar A Day insurance plan, so this information is only applicable if you are planning to live in New Jersey or already live there.

How To Get Dollar A Day Insurance

The process for getting this type of insurance policy is a simple and straightforward. This insurance is not like other types of insurance, and there is no quote necessary. If you qualify for the program, the insurance costs one dollar per day, adding up to $365 per year. There is only one way to purchase Dollar a Day car insurance, which is through the Department of Banking Insurance. Not everybody qualifies for this insurance program, and there are two main sets of requirements that need to be met to get a plan.

The first set of requirements revolves around income. For people with limited income, they may fit these requirements. People who are above the maximum required income amounts will not qualify for Dollar a Day insurance. The plan is designed for people with low income.

The second set of requirements have to do with a person’s driving record. Some high-risk drivers may not qualify for the program. This set of requirements is similar to the requirements that traditional car insurance companies have in order to offer insurance policies to interested parties.

To determine whether or not you qualify for SAIP car insurance plans or Dollar a Day plans in New Jersey, you will need to visit the Department of Banking Insurance in person or look online. The process for obtaining a policy is fast and efficient, and as someone who is looking for an automobile insurance plan, comparison-shopping is extremely important. Make sure to not only check out whether you qualify for Dollar a Day insurance but also look at the other policies that you can be eligible for. Keep in mind that a Dollar a Day insurance policy does not cover you for property damage liability, and also does not meet the minimum limits for car insurance in the state of New Jersey.

Who Can Qualify For Dollar-A-Day Insurance?

For people who cannot afford traditional automobile insurance policies, Dollar a Day automobile insurance plans are a fantastic way to save money. You will pay higher rates for automobile insurance if you have a poor driving record. Also, if you do not meet the criteria for the program, so keep in mind that Dollar a Day insurance is the best-case scenario in terms of costs for people who cannot afford traditional coverage plans. Regardless, keep in mind that property damage liability insurance cannot be purchased in conjunction with a Dollar a Day insurance plan. There are other New Jersey low-income programs for auto insurance, however. This is something to keep in mind if you are looking to get a car insurance plan and money is tight.

What Are The Requirements For Dollar-A-Day Insurance?

To qualify for Dollar-A-Day insurance, drivers must have limited income, among other things. Due to Dollar-A-Day insurance being designed for people who might drive without insurance otherwise, there are several different requirements put forth to get this policy type.

Requirements include having Medicaid with hospitalization, a valid driver's license, a vehicle registration, no other type of car insurance, and the premium for the policy must be paid upfront or bi-annually. People cannot get Dollar-A-Day insurance on a monthly payment plan.

What Does SAIP Not Cover?

SAIP is a minimal coverage plan designed to provide emergency medical treatment. It does not take the place of meeting legal insurance requirements. Outpatient visits, as well as ongoing treatment for anything other than spinal cord injuries or brain injuries, go through your Medicaid policy rather than SAIP car insurance. SAIP does not cover things that property damage liability, bodily injury liability, or collision auto insurance coverage would cover. Even though the policy helps drivers who are on a limited income, it does not offer coverage that protects you from paying for damages with your own money.

NJ SAIP Car Insurance FAQ

Dollar-A-Day Insurance Costs Really Costs A Dollar-A-Day?

Yes, Dollar-A-Day insurance really does cost one dollar per day, or $365 per year. Paying for the policy in full, it only costs $360. Remember that for services under Medicaid, you may be responsible for covering the costs of copays or office fees that apply.

Do I Pay For This Insurance All At Once, Or Can I Make Payments?

SAIP plans can be paid bi-annually or in full. When paying for a SAIP plan in full, the cost is slightly less overall. Monthly payments are not available for SAIP plans.

Will My Policy Be Canceled If My Medicaid Benefits Are Discontinued?

Proof of having a Medicaid plan must be done during enrollment to SAIP for the first time, and at each renewal. Though the policy will not be canceled if a person is no longer enrolled in Medicaid, the insured will only receive limited benefits of the plan.

If More Than One Driver In The House Is On Medicaid, Can They All Get The Special Automobile Insurance Policy?

SAIP plans only cover people who are enrolled in Medicaid. If there is only one car in a household, but several people who are enrolled in Medicaid, all people enrolled in Medicaid can be covered by the same policy. Only one vehicle can be covered by a single policy, however.

Can I Get A Policy If I Have A Bad Driving Record?

Some people who have bad driving records can get a policy, though if your driver’s license or registration is either suspended or revoked, you will not be able to get a plan.

What Do I Need To Bring When I Apply For This Policy?

When applying for a SAIP plan, you will need to bring valid driver’s licenses for all of the operators of the vehicle that is going to be insured. You will also need to bring the vehicle's registration, as well as a Medicaid identification card for each person to prove that they are enrolled in Medicaid.

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