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While they do sell automobile and home insurance singularly, they really shine in the bundling of services.


Encompass was founded on the dictum of “Protection and Security” and according to their website that has been their guiding star. The company was founded in 1897, selling personal insurance and eventually became CNA Financial and worked under that banner until 1999. Allstate purchased CNA Financial and repackaged it as Encompass in 2000. Encompass is primarily marketed towards more affluent customers since their focus is bundled insurance. They sell home and auto insurance for one premium and with one deductible. While they do sell automobile and home insurance singularly, they really shine in the bundling of services. Their services are competitive but seem more geared towards younger professionals and new home owners. Encompass is available in 39 states and work exclusively with independent agents. Encompass works out of Northbrook, IL.

Roadside assistance Included free
Accident forgiveness Yes
New car protection Yes
Pay schedule 12 months
Claims methods online
Rideshare coverage No
SR-22 support No info available

Encompass Pros and Cons


  • Encompass offers very competitive rates for younger drivers than most companies on the market.
  • They offer lots of add-ons and discounts especially when bundling with home insurance or other surfaces.
  • They have three tiers of service that allow for great customization of policies.
  • One easy payment and a user-friendly web presence that allows customers easy bill pay and access to policy information.


  • Higher prices in general and especially for older drivers and for individual policies if bundling is not preferred or an option.
  • You cannot get a quote online, you have to go through an agent.
  • Individual quotes for either auto, house, or any of their other lines are difficult because the price is all inclusive at its foundation.

Encompass Insurance Coverage

Encompass specializes in bundling but the automobile insurance alone does offer some things not available with other companies. Encompass does sell stand-alone policies but prefer to pair it with other services however, for purposes of this article I am focusing on their automotive offerings. These add-ons may vary from state to state but local agents will know what packages are available.

  • Encompass One is the crown jewel of Encompass. This policy allows their customers to pay one premium and one deductible for both home and vehicle. Customers with this policy will only pay the highest individual deductible for home or automobile and get covered for both. The Encompass One policy has three tiers of service: Special, Deluxe, and Elite.
  • New Car is unique coverage that will replace your car if it is four years old or less with current model year car or the equivalent if it is totaled. This service is available to all tiers.
  • Accident Forgiveness In deluxe and elite packages you can as an add-on prevent an increase in premiums for your first accident. At the deluxe level the add-on applies to multiple accidents.
  • Loan/Lease GAP Coverage pays the difference between the current value of the vehicle or loan balance and cost of a customer's car being totaled. This is available for all tiers of service with Encompass.
  • Roadside Assistance gives roadside assistance for elite members 24/7. This add-on includes the Encompass Roadside App which gives the company your location and assistance request.

There are other benefits for the different tiers but they are contingent on state law and other factors typically associated with insurance rates and premiums.

Standard Coverage Offered

  • Liability
  • Collision
  • Comprehensive Insurance Plan
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Liability Coverage

Car Insurance Rates

Encompass doesn't present quotes online and work exclusively through independent agents so it may be difficult to find information on rates without calling an agent. In our research we noted Encompass has overall cheaper rates for younger drivers than most other companies. Their average annual rate for men under 25 was listed at $1,655 which was significantly lower than many of their competitors. The average annual rate for women between the age of 25-64 was $971 which was $70 dollars more than Farmers at $901 for the same coverage. Encompass appeared to be higher in every other category compared to their rates for younger drivers. These rates will of course vary state by state so it is wise to research other agencies and not take these figures for granted.

Car Insurance Discounts

Encompass has a range of discounts available and the list below is by no means comprehensive. Individual agents will have more information about discounts available through Encompass.

  • Safe Driver is automatically included with the elite package. This discount applies when any person under coverage hasn't had an at-fault accident in the previous year.
  • Defensive Driver applies if customers have participated and successfully completed a defensive driving course approved by Encompass.
  • Future Effective Date applies when customers get their issued a week or more prior the effective date of coverage.
  • Encompass Easy Pay discount for setting up automatic bill payments.
  • Good Payer is included when customers start a new policy and your previous payments have been on time for a full year.
  • New Car applies if customer is the first owner of their vehicle.
  • Homeowner is a discount available when customers own a home, condo, townhouse, or mobile home.
  • Good Student applies to covered members with a B average or better.
  • Driving Training for policy holders under 21 who have completed a driver training course and have proven driving experience.
  • Resident Student is available for students who live at school at least 100 miles away and don't have access to a vehicle at school.
Anti-theft device discount Yes
Bundling discount Yes
Defensive driving discount Yes, up to 5%
Good student discount Yes
Loyalty discount No
Homeowner discount Yes
Military discount No
Safety device discount Yes, up to 5%
Special employment discount No
Usage-based discount No

Encompass Insurance Vs. Competitors

As mentioned earlier Encompass has lower rates for younger and at-risk drivers than most of their competitors. Their penchant for bundling is apparent in all their pricing but below is a rundown of how Encompass measures up against their competition.

Encompass Vs Progressive: In most cases Progressive was the better option. They are cheaper, offer more discounts and more bundling options. Both companies do seem to have a tendency to raise rates without much warning. The only place Encompass seems to have an edge against Progressive comes in customer satisfaction. Encompass, given the size of the company has remarkably low amount of negative reviews and while this may seem inconsequential it is worth noting since claims resolution is a large part of each company’s structure. Encompass seems to have better customer relations and satisfaction than Progressive but Progressive far and away beats Encompass on almost every other metric.

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