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Safeco vs. Liberty Mutual

The economic fallout from a serious car accident can be significant. The potentially ruinous cost of bodily injury and property damage is one reason that most states require insurance in order for a motorist to legally drive. When you get an insurance policy you have a contract. In return for your premiums the insurer will reimburse you for certain medical costs and property damage within an explicitly laid out range of circumstances contained in your policy. Each state will usually define a minimum dollar value of coverage drivers must have and all insurers licensed to operate in the state must provide at least that much coverage to its customers.

The amount you will pay for automobile insurance can feel like a moving target. The exact amount you can expect to pay will depend upon a multitude of factors. First you must decide whether you want just bare minimum coverage. This may be enough to cover you for a fender bender but may not fully cover the economic costs of a truly serious vehicular accident. So, most providers can provide you policies with higher dollar values of liability and property coverage, but that comes with a higher price tag. You can also purchase add on insurance products such as collision insurance. If your car is new you may very well want insurance that would cover the cost, over and above your deductible, of repairing your car after accident. You can generally set different levels of deductibles on your policy. Smart shoppers will balance the tradeoffs between low deductibles and high premiums or high deductibles and lower premiums.

Additionally, most car insurance carriers can offer you other protections such as fire and theft insurance, roadside assistance, and temporary vehicle replacement. Some carriers can also offer you extra coverage for thinks like broken or cracked windshields ( a fairly commonplace thing) and stolen audio gear. The price you pay will also hinge on your personal profile. It’s no real secret that young drivers tend to be charged more than experienced drivers. Your place of residence can also influence your rates. Urban, suburban and rural driving environments have different risk profiles and insurance company actuaries take these things into account when determining probabilities of claims and setting prices.

Car insurance rates by state

State Liberty Mutual Safeco
Alabama $76/mo $68/mo
Arizona $89/mo $54/mo
Arkansas $166/mo $63/mo
Colorado $79/mo $36/mo
Connecticut $106/mo --
Delaware $154/mo --
Florida $87/mo $89/mo
Georgia $84/mo $60/mo
Idaho $45/mo $69/mo
Illinois $42/mo $59/mo
Indiana $60/mo $41/mo
Iowa $64/mo $42/mo
Kansas $123/mo $79/mo
Kentucky $83/mo $55/mo
Louisiana $263/mo --
Maine $57/mo --
Maryland $85/mo $149/mo
Massachusetts $96/mo $71/mo
Michigan $82/mo --
Minnesota $108/mo $75/mo
Mississippi $71/mo $49/mo
Missouri $87/mo $55/mo
Montana -- $53/mo
Nebraska $127/mo $92/mo
Nevada $238/mo $103/mo
New Hampshire $26/mo $32/mo
New Jersey $84/mo --
New Mexico $52/mo $53/mo
New York $44/mo --
North Carolina -- $37/mo
North Dakota -- $72/mo
Ohio $35/mo $40/mo
Oklahoma $89/mo $35/mo
Oregon $42/mo $71/mo
Pennsylvania $22/mo $38/mo
Rhode Island $114/mo --
South Carolina $39/mo --
Tennessee $33/mo $40/mo
Texas $25/mo $35/mo
Utah $96/mo $32/mo
Vermont $83/mo --
Virginia $70/mo $69/mo
Washington $96/mo $47/mo
Washington D.C. $110/mo --
West Virginia $43/mo $44/mo
Wisconsin $29/mo $42/mo
Wyoming -- $29/mo

So, each purchaser of car insurance will need to balance their desire for broad coverage against the limits of their wallet. But whatever the coverage you want, you should do comparison shopping. General.com will help you get free quotes quickly and easily. There’s no reason to just accept the first quote you get.

All About Safeco

Safeco was founded in Seattle, Washington in 1923 as the General Insurance Company of America, a provider of property and casualty insurance. They eventually branched out into other insurance products such as Life insurance and created a subsidiary operation to provide car and fir insurance. This subsidiary was called the Selective Auto and Fire Insurance Company of America, or Safeco for short. After a period of economic turmoil, Safeco restructured and divested it self of noncore business, eventually agreeing to be acquired by the Liberty Mutual Group. Safeco still sells personal line insurance products such as auto, home, renters, and even pet insurance under its own name and remains headquartered in Seattle. The company has reported annual revenue of over $6 billion in recent years along with net income of around $800 million.

Safeco Discounts and Savings

Safeco can provide you discounts if you choose to insure both your home and auto insurance with them. They claim that bundling these together will save you 15% on your policies. Some drivers are road warriors and put a lot of miles on their cars each week. Other motorists may only use their cars primarily for short errands around town. Safeco has discounts for low mileage drivers. If that description fits you, Safeco says that you can save up to 20%. The company also offers discounts for being a safe driver, for taking a defensive driving class, for insuring more than one vehicle, for having certain safety features on hour car and other ways to save. Do your research and try to leave no stone unturned in getting a discount

All About Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual traces in inception back to Boston, Massachusetts in 1912 as a company founded to provide employers the newly required worker’s compensation insurance. From the beginning they were organized as a mutual company. In this type of organization each policyholder is considered, essentially, a shareholder of the company. This absence of outside ownership is believed to enable mutual companies the freedom to take a longer view of their company’s financial health. They have no short term Wall Street expectation to meet.

Liberty is a large successful entity, and has a place on the Fortune 100 list of largest companies. They report that they are the 5th largest property and casualty insurer in he world. They are widely known for sponsoring public broadcasting programs such as American Experience and Antiques Roadshow, and have featured Paul Revere and Sacajawea in their advertising campaigns.

Liberty Mutual Discounts & Savings

Liberty offers discounts for members of the armed forces either active or retired. So, if you’re a veteran you should definitely give them a look. Safe drivers will always get better prices at virtually every carrier and Liberty is no different. Being a safe driver pays off in lower rates. You can also get a reduced price for your insurance if you take a defensive driving cost, bundle other types of insurance together with your auto insurance., have a hybrid car and a variety of other ways.


Discount Type Liberty Mutual Safeco
Advance shopper discount up to 45% --
Driving training discount up to 30% Varies
Anti-Theft Device Discount up to 25% up to 3%
Good Student Discount up to 22% up to 16%
Passive Restraint Discount up to 20% --
Starting your auto quote online discount up to 12% --
Multiple Vehicle Discount up to 5% up to 36%
Paid in full discount Varies Varies
Claims Free Renewal Discount Varies --
Accident Free Discount Varies Varies
Electronic Stability Control Varies --
Student Away at School Discount Varies up to 20%
Military Discount Varies --
Home Owner Discount Varies Varies
Signing documents when you buy online discount Varies --
Paperless documents discount Varies --
EV/Hybrid Discount Varies --
Multiple Policy Discount Varies up to 14%
Organization Discount Varies --
Senior Adult Discount Varies Varies
teenSMART Discount Varies up to 15%
Preferred payment discount Varies --
Policy Update/Extension Discount Varies --
New Graduate Discount Varies --
Newlywed Discount Varies --
Anti-lock Brake Discount Varies Varies
Good Credit Discount -- up to 73%
Low Mileage Discount -- up to 20%
Good Driver Discount -- up to 15%
Accident Forgiveness -- Varies
Loyalty Discount -- Varies
Deductible discount -- Varies
Defensive Driver Discount -- Varies
Prepay Discount -- Varies

Be aware though, that insurance companies are bound by state laws and the amount and availability of certain discounts may vary according to location. Do your research to see what discounts you may qualify for.

Comparing car insurance rates

Given the complexities of insurance rates and personal data, it’s virtually impossible to say with total; assurance which of these companies would be the most economical choice for your auto insurance. Although these are two large financially stable companies, their rates might vary. You should be a savvy purchaser of insurance and request free price quotes to see for yourself which would be cheaper. Use our pricing tool at General.com to get no cost quotes and save yourself some cash.

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