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Car Insurance Plans from General Insurance

Car insurance plans are the thing you need whenever you buy a car. Everyone needs one and there are many different components to car insurance coverage contracts. How can you possibly know what each of them are?

Accident Forgiveness Car Insurance Plans

Accident forgiveness is a type of car insurance that helps you avoid a rate increase if you have one car collision. It can be a big stress to have a car accident, not only because you might get injured and your car might be out of commission, but because you may stress about your insurance premiums going up! This type of insurance will help you avoid that stress in the first car accident that you have which is your fault.

Gap Insurance

Gap insurance is a unique type of plan that helps those who have bought a car and are paying it down slowly over time. It’s a plan that will help you cover the remaining cost of the car if you get into an accident and the car is totaled before you have even payed it off completely.

Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance is an elective option on most car insurance plans. This is a helpful feature that will allow you to receive help when you get a flat tire or get stuck on the side of the road. Most plans offer several different options that include things like gas delivery if you happen to run out and towing within a certain distance.

Rental Car Reimbursement

When your car is broken and at the shop, you will probably want to have another car to drive so you can still get around. This is especially true if you live in a city where you can’t just walk or take the bus to everywhere you need to go. You want to live your life even when your car is out of commission!

Now that you know some of the common car insurance terms, you can find the car insurance plans that you want to use.

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