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Health Insurance Options

With the Affordable care act there has been the introduction of a lot of different health insurance options. There are plenty to choose from but how do you know which ones are going to be right for you? Well here is a good explanation of the plans that might be available for you.


This type of health insurance plan is only available to anyone under 30 years old. It is a plan that allows you to cover yourself in the event that something truly bad happens. These plans have a high deductible and they don’t really cover anything at all unless you have something bad happen to you that uses up all your deductible. The good thing about these plans is that a sudden accident or illness will now send you or your family into terrible debt that could change your life forever. This type of plan is only good for people who are otherwise healthy, and who live health conscious lifestyles who don’t face too much illness or injury in general. Why would someone get this type of coverage? It’s very cheap and affordable!


Bronze is the next step up from catastrophic. It has low premiums and higher costs of care, but it certainly helps a lot more than catastrophic does. They have high deductibles too, but not quite as high as catastrophic plans. Again, this plan is best for younger people who don’t have too many health issues as of yet. If you’re young and healthy you will save on this plan and if something does happen, you will only be on the hook for the amount of your deductible.


Silver plans have a good balance between the cost of your monthly payments and how much the plan covers. It covers more than bronze and has a lower deductible. This is good for middle aged people who can afford higher payments and who might need to use more services like travel insurance as well as at their doctor’s office  due to health concerns.


Gold has higher premiums but it comes with more coverage. You get what you pay for and that is definitely the case with gold. You will have lower deductibles and it’s great for people who plan to use a lot of care and might have some health problems that cause them to see the doctor a lot.


This is a great plan for anyone who is willing to pay high monthly premiums for the best coverage with low deductibles and lots of coverage. It’s perfect for anyone who is older and has a bunch to spend on health insurance. This type of plan is great if you plan on using your doctor a lot or if you have some concerns about your health.

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