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How Old Does Your Car Have To Be To Be A Classic?

The old muscle cars of 40’s and 50’s, with their shimmering depictions of smooth tanks on wheels that looked like they could last forever. Even the biggest models still had a sleekness to them that is hard to find in a lot of modern automobiles. There was a class to them. A certain joie de vivre that exuded so much style in how they barreled down the road. You may be looking at the oldy you’ve got sitting in your garage and wondering, “Is my car considered a classic?” Well let’s figure it out, shall we.

What Is A Classic Car?

When it comes right down to it, the simplest answer is often the correct one. How can you tell if a car is a classic? By how old it is, of course. There are some experts out there like The Antique Automobile Club of America, that define a classic car as any car that is 25 years old or greater. They’ve been around since 1935, so there is a credence to their opinion that’s hard to deny, but there were a lot of cars that came out of the 90’s that you’d be hard pressed to look at as classics. The Classic Car Club Of America gives a bit stiffer of a definition by claiming that a car needs to have been built between 1915 and 1948 to be considered a classic.

Find out When a Car Is Considered a Classic Vehicle

Finding out when a car is considered a classic vehicle can be a little tricky, since there seem to be multiple definitions out there. It can range from whether your car is 25 to 50 years old, or if it was made between 1915 and 1948, when it comes to the actual age of the vehicle. One deciding factor that seems to ring true though, is that there is something fine or unusual about that make of vehicle. There’s an X-factor that sets it apart from the other cars of its time. It’s looked at an ogled by passersby not just because it’s older, but because it stands out amongst other vehicles. Occasionally that will be for factors that people can’t see as readily, if the engine has something unique about it, it was known for its high engineering standards, it was costly when it came out, etc. It’s a list of things to consider when bestowing the term of “Classic” on a vehicle.

Classic Vehicle And Insurance

How insurance companies rank whether a car is classic or not, my differ wildly from the popular opinion. Most insurance companies will gauge it by a few deciding factors, as to whether they’ll insure your car as a classic vehicle or not. Here’s a list for you to help understand what your insurance company is looking for:

  • Your car must have been made between 1904-1918, and is considered a limited, rare, special edition, or limited edition, model
  • Your car must be anywhere between 15-25 years old, this differs depending on the company. Some companies may also have restrictions on the age of the actual driver of the vehicle.
  • Anyone driving the vehicle must be a legal adult, and have a long and excellent driving history.
  • Must be parked in a highly secure garage. Some insurance companies may demand that it’s kept in a special facility.
  • May not be the primary use vehicle, and will have a limited number of miles, usually ranging no higher than 5,000, that it can be driven per year.

Check in with your individual insurance company, since guidelines may vary, but these basic rules should get you on your way to being insured.

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