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Insurance for Students

Students have very unique insurance needs. They are not yet able to have decent jobs and they are still learning and building up to a career. Most students are young and they are pretty healthy, but of course there are ones with chronic illnesses too. Luckily one of the first things that the Affordable Care Act did is allow kids to stay on their parent’s health insurance plans until the age of 26 so many students don’t even have to think about health insurance. However, if you go to school in a different state from your parents you may want to consider getting a different health insurance plan because there may not be any coverage around you.

There are a few different options for insurance for students. You can get insurance through your school. Most colleges offer health insurance to their customers. Most of these health insurance plans are pretty legitimate and qualify under the Affordable Care Act as an official health insurance plan that won’t cause students to have to pay a fee at the end of the year. It’s a great option for some students.

Students who are traveling abroad for a semester or more will also need special travel insurance that is designed for students. Most of these plans even include inpatient and outpatient care, medical evacuation to your home country, and cancer care in the case that you should get a serious disease during your stay. Some travel insurance for students even covers them if they lose their passport, if you get arrested in a foreign country and if you lose your bags. However, each plan and student travel insurance company is different so you have to check and see what they offer and if it is right for you.

Insurance for students over the age of 26 years old is just like insurance for anyone else. You have to go on the exchange for your state or the federal exchange and get a private insurance plan for yourself. It can be pretty expensive, but most low income students would qualify for subsidies or Medicare if they don’t make enough.

So, if you’re in college then now you know you have several options for health insurance and travel insurance even if you like to travel to some exotic locations to improve your knowledge and education. College is an exciting time that is for taking risks. You need to feel confident with every step that you take. Having the right kind of insurance will allow you to take those leaps.

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