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Roadside Emergency Kit Preparation

What should you include in your roadside emergency kit? It’s something that you need in case you get stuck on the side of the road. You should get a roadside emergency kit that includes any of the following:

1. Sting Relief Pad

If you get a bee sting while driving you might feel worried that you have to drive somewhere to get something to fix it. Why not just have something on hand to take care of the problem? A bee in the car doesn’t have to be a terrifying event.

2. Antiseptic Towelettes

If you get in a car accident you will need some antiseptic towelettes even if you just have a little bit of a scrape. This will prevent infection and can be a great product for first aid before first responders arrive after a crash.

3. Bandaids and Bandages

If you get into a car accident then you will want to have some bandaids and bandages for minor scrapes and scratches. You will want to call 911 but you will still feel good if you are able to do something for yourself before the ambulance arrives to get a hold of you and helps you out. This is especially important if you are in a remote area that might take a bit of time to reach.

4. Jump Cables

Jump cables are what you will need to jump your car’s battery if it dies somewhere. It’s also helpful to have if you encounter someone else who has a dead battery themselves. You can do them a favor and give them a jump to send them on their way.

5. A Flashlight

If you get into an accident at night you will be happy to have a flashlight. Your phone could break during a crash, or the battery could be completely dead, so you want to have something separate on hand. Make sure you have some spare batteries for the flashlight too.

6. A Space Blanket

Space blankets were first developed for astronauts, but they are very helpful for a survival tool. If you live in a place with cold winters you should get one in case you get stranded anywhere. You will be glad to have it on a cold winter’s night when your car dies and you are too far to walk somewhere else!

7. Orange Safety Vest

If you get into an accident on a busy highway throw on this safety vest for extra protection. This is especially true if you can’t pull over or you are stuck right on the side of the road with only a small shoulder.

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