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If you drive a vehicle in the United States, you must have car insurance. You do have, however, a lot of flexibility as far as who you get a car insurance quote from and which company you select to provide your automobile insurance. Each year, hundreds of people switch to General Insurance. We have free and easy quotes and can have you with your proof of insurance card in less than 10 minutes. In order to fulfill your states minimum requirements (or more) for car insurance, General Insurance is your best choice.

Getting a quote is hassle-free and easy, it doesn't cost a thing. You can even get a car insurance quote and return to it at a later point if needed. With three easy steps, you can have your proof of insurance ID card in your hand.

Get A Car Insurance Quote

First, get a quote. Quotes are free, and you will be required to enter some basic information to help us determine your car insurance rate with General Insurance. The information that you will need to provide includes your age, marital status, driving history, and sex. We will also need the make and model of your vehicle, as well as its year.

Second, determine what types of insurance you want and the amount of coverage you are looking for. You can use our online form to compare how changes in the amounts of coverage will affect your car insurance premium. You can also change your deductible, which also has an effect on your auto insurance premium.  Additionally, you can take a look at the discounts that we offer. Our automated system will ask you questions that will help it determine if you qualify for discounts with General Insurance.

Purchase Your Auto Insurance Policy

The third step is to purchase your policy. General Insurance offers a wide range of payment options, and a number of billing options as well. The billing option you choose can also save you money on your car insurance rates. You will save the most money on your car insurance policy if you pay for the entire policy up front, but there are other billing options that can also help you save money

After you have made your purchase, you are ready to print your proof of insurance ID card. Your card is available online at, and you can also manage your insurance policy online as well. In addition, we have a dedicated team available by phone to help service your insurance needs.

Final Notes

Remember, our knowledgeable and professional agents are here to assist in any way possible. If you ever have any questions about your car insurance policy or need to make a claim, our agents are here. You can also choose to make a car insurance claim with General Insurance online. For the best in car insurance, General Insurance is just a phone call away.  Take advantage of our free quote form and start saving money now.

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