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Getting Liability Car Insurance Is Required And Smart

One of the things most often in each state's minimum requirements for automobile insurance is liability car insurance. In fact, it is a requirement to have minimum limits for liability insurance in practically every state. Many drivers are not aware of exactly how liability car insurance protects you. 

Liability car insurance, also known as liability coverage, is a type of insurance that pays other people when they are injured or their property is damaged and the person holding the liability car insurance policy is deemed “at-fault” for the accident. Even though there are minimum requirements and pretty much every state for liability car insurance, it is often a good idea for drivers to buy more than these minimum limits. This will cover you in case the cost of the accident rises above the minimum limits that drivers have purchased.

Types Of Liability Insurance

There are two kinds of liability car insurance that are available, and each one covers different things.

Bodily injury liability covers the costs that stem from an accident to others when you are responsible for the accident. This insurance coverage can cover the costs of medical expenses, suffering, pain, lost wages, and other things as well. If you are sued, bodily injury liability may also pay for your lawsuit defense and court costs.

The second kind of liability coverage is a property damage liability, which helps cover the costs of damage to another person's property, as well as covering the cost associated with a person's inability to use that property. Many states require that you have both the bodily injury liability coverage and property damage liability coverage.

Some Of What Liability Insurance Does Not Cover

It is very important to remember that your liability insurance coverage does not cover damages done to your vehicle, nor does it cover expenses related to injuries you may have suffered in an automobile accident. You may decide to purchase additional coverage to cover these expenses if they happen.

When it comes to liability coverage, the minimum amount required by law varies from one state to the next. If you choose to purchase additional liability coverage above the minimum amount mandated by your state, you may be in a better position if you have an accident. Determining how much you can afford to pay out-of-pocket if you are responsible for an accident can create a good benchmark from which you can determine the amount of coverage that you want. The amount of coverage that you buy should both be affordable and something that you feel comfortable with.

Final Notes

Your General Insurance agent can help answer any additional questions you have about liability insurance coverage, and can also help you make sure that you get the amount of coverage that best protects you. Contact an agent today to get the best deals on liability car insurance.

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