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When many people think about classic car insurance, they likely feel that a car insurance policy for classic car will be more expensive than insurance for an ordinary car. This is actually not the case. Because your classic car will likely not be driven a large number of miles and is highly likely to be extremely well taking care of, classic car insurance rates are usually lower than car insurance coverage for ordinary cars.

Online Quotes Can Be A Benchmark But Agents Are Better

Your collector car is important to you and your car should be covered by an excellent insurance policy. Classic car insurance quotes can be found online, but often are not accurate due to the amount of variation in the value of classic cars. This makes it smart to call a General Insurance agent to talk with some more about getting a classic car insurance quote that fits both your needs and your budget. We can help you save on the cost of your insurance premium.

Additional Perks Of Classic Car Coverage

Often times, the classic car insurance quote that you get will cover the same things that your ordinary auto insurance policy does. In addition, it can cover other things such covering the cost of original placement parts and covering your car when it is at an auto show. When you speak to your General Insurance agent, make sure to ask what other things are covered specially for classic cars.

Classic Car VS Ordinary Car Insurance

The difference between ordinary car insurance and classic car insurance extends beyond some of the whistles and bells that auto insurance companies to their classic car insurance policies. When you get your classic car insurance quote, you will often be asked to come to an ' agreed valuation' of your classic car. Because classic cars vary so much in value, this valuation is used as an agreement on what the payout will be if there is an accident or other damaging event that is covered.

Final Notes

When you have selected an auto insurance policy, you will be able to manage it both online and over the phone with one of our agents. General Insurance offers flexible payment options, as well as extremely knowledgeable professionals that can help you every step of the way. For unparalleled service, contact General Insurance and save money with our free classic car insurance quote.

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