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Car Insurance For Teens Protects Them And You

If you are either the parent of a teen that is looking to start driving, you are a teen that is getting their license and are excited to get out on the road, car insurance is one of the first and most important steps. There is a lot to know about purchasing car insurance for teens and General Insurance is here to help.

If you are the parent of a teen driver, you may want to consider adding your teen to your policy with General Insurance to save money. In addition, knowing which driving mistakes are the most common and which cars are the safest to drive are also great to consider.  

What To Know About Car Insurance

 Here with some great information to know when it comes to car insurance for teens:

  1. Drivers education can save you money: Drivers education is required in some states, but not all of them. Either way, the ability to present certificate of completion for drivers side the means that you have taken on the task of learning the rules and skills necessary to be a successful driver. In addition, there are more advanced education classes that delve further into safe driving techniques.
  2. You don't need your own policy: If you have a parent or guardian that's willing, you can be added to their auto insurance policy. This will save the most money when it comes to combined costs, as you are adding your risk profile to theirs. Most often this balances out to a net savings. Always asking for quotes for both your own policy and the combined policy rates in order to be able to select the cheaper of the two.
  3. Teen drivers are inexperienced: Car Insurance for teens costs more in part because you don't have as much experience as veteran drivers. Teens are more likely to be in an automobile accident. Auto insurance companies are aware of this, which is why rates are higher. make sure to take advantage of these steps so that you can have affordable automobile insurance that fits your needs.
  4. Getting better grades helps you save money: A large percentage of auto coverage providers offer discounts for teen drivers that are also good students. take the time to ask your general insurance agent about good student discounts and go out there and get some good grades save yourself some money.
  5. Get a modest vehicle: Expensive cars that are sporty and flashing often cost a lot more to insure even one they are not being driven by a teen driver. some makes and models with car simply get better rates, regardless of the age of the person driving it.
  6. You don't always need your own insurance when you have a driver's permit: In many states, your parent or legal guardian may have insurance already and that insurance will extend to you while you have your driver's permit. Talk with your car insurance agent to see if this applies. Once you have graduated to your full driver's license, you will need to be added to an insurance policy or get a new one of your own.
  7. Living on campus? Sometimes you can save: Often times first your students are not allowed to have cars on campus. Either way, it may make sense to leave your car behind. By being listed as an occasional driver, or drastically lowering the number of miles you drive, you will be able to save money on your auto insurance. Make sure you let your auto insurance company know when you are packed upon whether or not you are bringing your vehicle. 
  8. Being a good driver helps: As soon as you have and driving permit, you have a driving record. This record of your driving history is one of the things the car insurance providers use to determine what your car insurance premiums will be. By getting a solid start early on with good driving habits, you can save money car insurance. If you maintain this good driver discount, you can save money for years to come.
  9. Choose the best deductible: The best deductible is different for each person the time to figure out which works best for your situation is worth the time. A higher deductible means a lower auto insurance premium. It is smart to choose a deductible that you can afford if needed, because accidents do happen.
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