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Women Are Bad Drivers - Fact or Fiction?

It is a pretty common belief that women are bad drivers and that men will never ask for directions. Some of these things seem like they are said so often that they must be true. Unfortunately, many stereotypes that people have about specific demographics are simply not fact. On the more fortunate side of things, this makes people question these stereotypes and want to research whether they are true or not.

It is highly likely that you have heard comments along the lines of "women can't drive," or "women are the worst drivers." Auto insurance companies rely heavily on statistics and factual data to determine the rates they charge for people who are looking for car insurance policies. This makes it easier to research whether or not this common stereotype is true. Using that data, interested parties can take a look at the facts rather than just taking people's word for it.

Male And Female Driving Statistics

There are many statistics out there when it comes to driving, and male and female driving statistics are easy to get. The fact of the matter is that men get into more car accidents than women, with one study finding that 80% of automobile accidents that kill people or seriously injure pedestrians involve male drivers. Another study has found that female drivers are 27% less likely to be found at-fault when in a car accident. These statistics are looked at often, with the same results appearing over and over. The United States Department of Transportation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has released numbers of accidents by gender, and in 2007 6.1 million accidents had men involved and. Only 4.4 million had females involved.

It's not just accidents. Men also get more traffic violations than women. They are much more likely to get cited for reckless driving, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, seatbelt violations, speeding, and numerous other violations as well. With more DUIs and more traffic violations, it is safe to say that when it comes to driving, women are statistically safer. In fact, the answer to whether men or women are safer drivers is much more clear than some of the other urban legends that are out there.

Women Are Safer Drivers, What Does That Mean?

Women are safer drivers than men, the statistics have spoken. Whether it is from male drivers having a higher likelihood of taking risks, or just that they are more aggressive behind the wheel, this does have an impact on things like automobile insurance rates. Our insurance providers know that men are statistically riskier to insure and because of this the rates that men pay for car insurance tend to be a little bit higher. In some states, the difference in cost between a male driver and a female driver, with similar records, on the same car, can be high. This is reflected in differing median rates when comparing insurance prices in specific states.

inal Notes

It might be time to step up your game and call out when people are presenting stereotypical information that is simply not true. Car insurance companies know, based on the statistics, that women are better drivers than men on average. While it does not seem like there are many studies about whether or not men ask for directions less often than women, it is crucial to take stereotypes with a grain of salt. As far as women being bad drivers though, the studies have revealed that the facts just do not back this up in any fashion whatsoever. Regardless of the statistics, and regardless of gender, people should put heavy importance on safe driving and try to be as careful as they can and follow all applicable laws when out on the road.

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