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Amica vs. Liberty Mutual

Both Amica and Liberty Mutual are two well known, reputable providers of insurance for your automobile. If you’re here reading this then presumably you are in the market for obtaining insurance for your vehicle and both of these companies have their strengths. But not all auto insurance companies charge the exact same rates for the exact same products.

Although virtually every state regulates the variety of insurance products that are offered within their borders by the state insurance commission, there are also federal regulations that broadly govern the industry as a whole. Taken together, the stage and federal laws help to protect consumers. They mandate the ways that insurance providers can offer products and the way that carriers must manage certain aspects of their revenue in order to help insure that any claims that consumers make against their policies can be actually paid out. Consumers need to know that their insurance needs are being provided by financially solid entities.

However, there’s no need to overpay for insurance, especially in a field with as many participants as there are in the car insurance industry. Having so many choices can be confusing but, if you do the right research with the right tools, you can play off carriers against each other. Be a savvy consumer and get exact price quotes from potential carriers like Amica and Liberty Mutual in order to pay the lowest prices you can for the exact car insurance products you need.

Car insurance rates by age

Age bracket Liberty Mutual avg. annual premium Amica avg. annual premium
Teens $6,559 $5,366
20s $2,686 $1,631
30s $1,942 $1,631
40s $1,926 $1,151
50s $1,793 $1,105
60s $1,746 $1,066

Insurance may be a bit more complicated than your average consumer product but you can still match up like to like quotes form these competitors if you use our free price tool at Genral.com. These quotes are personally tailored to your needs but are nonbinding. You get to comparison shop and get you best possible deal.

All About Amica

Amica is a venerable company having been in the business of providing consumers with car insurance since the very dawn of the automobile age. In fact, since they started their business in 1907 soon after the birth of the automobile age, they are the oldest mutually owned in the country. Back then their full name was the Automobile Mutual Insurance Company of America but eventually shortened it to their acronym: Amica. Mutual companies are not publically traded, but are owned by their policy holders. Many believe that the mutuality works better for policy holders than publicly traded companies which often times must take a shorter term view in order to please Wall Street.

Amica is proud of its customer service record and the major credit agencies give it strong ratings, an indicator of financial strength. The company, founded in Providence, Rhode Island by A.T. Vigeron has provided car insurance to American motorists for well over one hundred years and now also provides both personal liability and marine insurance coverage to the public.

Amica Discounts and Savings

Amica wouldn’t be in business for more than one hundred years if they were selling a bad product to American consumers. But that fact doesn’t mean that they are the best deal for your needs.

Like other car insurance carriers, Amica will price their product based on the depth of coverage you want and the various life and driving experience that make up your consumer profile. Remember that the price of insurance products is variable. In order to provide you with a price estimate, Amica will want to know about your past driving record. Those of you who have never been involved in an accident or received a moving violation will inevitably get a discount. But don’t worry, Amica will still insure the rest of us who may not have a perfect driving record.

There are other factors involved in pricing of their product. Amica will want to know where you live because, in general, urban drivers as a whole have different risk profiles than suburban or rural drivers. If you’ve only just received your license, you may pay more for coverage than a seasoned motorist, until you have more experience.

Let Amica know whether you want or need collision insurance. If your car has already given you years of service, its book value may not warrant paying more for collision insurance. Sometimes the cost of such insurance coupled with the deductibles you choose could be worth more than you would get in the event of a claim.

All About Liberty Mutual

The Liberty Mutual Group is a very large American company selling a broad range of insurance products to the American people, such as property and casualty, automobile and a variety of others. When they started way back in 1912 they were known as the Massachusetts Employees Insurance Association. Their first foray into business was providing workman’s compensation to local businesses. That proved a success so they branched out and starting offering car insurance in 1917. Subsequently, they expanded their product line to includes a variety of other insurance products to their customers.

AT present day, Liberty is a major player in the insurance space. With over fifty thousand people employed throughout the world, they have earned gross revenues of more than $39 billion in recent years and their total assets are above $140 billion. They are viewed as a stable corporate entity and are organized as a mutual company, meaning that they are policy holder owned rather than owned by shareholders.

Liberty Mutual Discounts & Savings

Even if you are satisfied with your current car insurance coverage, check comparative prices online. Liberty Mutual will need to know your particular insurance needs and also some personal information in order to generate a price quote for you. But they have a solid track record of providing automobile insurance to drivers and will offer discounts for various things. If you have multiple vehicles, you will likely get a reduced price on the older of the cars, depending on the make and model, of course.

Liberty may be right for you, but it’s a very competitive environment and should always practice smart shopping.

Comparing car insurance rates

You must be smart and look at all possible discounts offered by both Amica and Liberty Mutual to see which would be the better deal for you and your family. Both companies will offer a menu of potential options and coverages so, when pricing hem out, be sure that you have the same levels of coverage in each proposal, similar levels of deductibles and similar ancillary protections (such as roadside assistance). Here at General.com we can work for you to get the lowest costs for your car insurance. Don’t wait? We have an easy to use online tool and with only a few clicks you will be on your way to making insurance carriers compete for your business. And that means you win.

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