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If you’re the type of shopper that looks for the best value for your dollar, you know that almost no strategy beats comparing prices between competing products. While insurance is certainly a bit more complicated than the average consumer product, consumers can absolutely benefit by knowing which product best suits their needs, and then shopping for the best price among carriers.

Governed at both the State and Federal levels, insurance regulations work to see that consumers are treated fairly and help to ensure that solvent insurance providers are there for their customers when they need to make claims. Consumers can obtain free, non binding price quotes from underwriters.

And our platform at General.com can be an invaluable tool to you by simplifying the price quote process, allowing you to see for yourself which of the myriad of auto insurance carriers can give you the best bang for your buck.

Here’s Some Background on GEICO

GEICO’s cheeky advertising campaigns featuring everything from cavemen to camels to geckos are well known to the average consumer. But there’s more to GEICO, of course, than just an amusing 30 second spot on your favorite media program. The Government Employees Insurance Company, known by the acronym GEICO, originated in Depression era Texas when the husband and wife team of Leo and Lillian Goodwin ventured to start their own automobile insurance company. Back then they targeted government workers as their market niche, under the strategy that such workers had more financial stability than many other in a tough economic environment.

By 1937 the company had moved to Washington D.C. and slowly and steadily built their book of business over the years. GEICO eventually caught the attention of future investment legend Warrren Buffet through a Business school professor who bought the still young company to his attention in the early 1950’s. Buffet bought a few shares and GEICO stayed on his radar until Berkshire Hathaway ultimately bought all outstanding shares of the firm. GEICO remains an integral part of Buffets investment empire with approximately 24 million vehicles under their financial protection.

Is GEICO Insurance For You?

Buying auto insurance requires consumers to provide an information picture of themselves in order for industry underwriters to gauge how to price their product. Yes, some financial products like car insurance have variable price structures - there is no one size fits all approach to this financial instrument.

Consumers must let carriers like GEICO know where they live. Will you be driving frequently in heavy urban traffic or on more open highways? Is your vehicle brand new, or a trusty old family transport? Are you a newly licensed driver or do you have more experience under your belt with driving safely? Each of these factors can determine what GEICO will factor in to your premium quote. Next, what level of coverage are you comfortable with? Do you want a standard package of coverage to protect your vehicle and yourself, or do you want more expansive coverage which can protect you over and above simple collision and liability?

Assembling this consumer profile can be complicated and take time to communicate to your potential insurance carriers. That’s where General.com can help. Our platform helps consumers like you collect the right information, choose the right packages and request price quotes from providers like GEICO. You will get tangible comparative rates which increase your chances of savings cash.

Next, Let’s Look at USAA

USAA is an acronym for the Texas based financial service firm Unites States Automobile Association. The company provides a range of financials services, including automobile insurance to current and former members of the armed forces. From its humble start in 1922 by a group of Army officers who banded together to spread the risk when they denied coverage of their own in the nascent auto industry the firm has grown mightily and is included in Fortunes list of the top 500 companies in the country.

The privately held USAA returns all profits to the policy holders and the company itself to expand its operations. They have subsequently branched out and now offers a wide variety of financial services from homeowners and life insurance to banking a and brokerage operations. By 2017 they were reporting net profits of $2.4 billion on annual revenue of $30 billion.

Age USAA avg. annual premium GEICO avg. annual premium
Teens $2,864 $3,508
20s $1,261 $1,438
30s $963 $1,438
40s $957 $1,189
50s $889 $1,160
60s $845 $1,065

Will you get better pricing from USAA?

Keep in mind that USAA serves the armed forces and their family members. Also, the best discount driver of all is one that’s most under your control – driving your vehicle safely, avoiding accidents and moving violations. USAA like virtually all auto insurance carriers will reward safe driving records with better pricing. But drivers with records that aren’t spotless can still avail themselves of the potential affiliation discounts and its best to inquire what, if any additional discounts may apply to you. Consumers can be smart and frequently check prices, helping to ensure your insurance payments are the best value for you and your family.

General can facilitate you becoming a savvy price checker of car insurance rate and save you money on your annual premium payments. It helps get your profile quickly and accurate to underwriting professionals at USAA and their competitors

Discounts Geico Insurance Company USAA
Accident free
Bundling policies
Defensive driving course
First Responders
Good driver
Good student
Low mileage
Multiple vehicles
New car
Pay in full
Safe vehicle

GEICO vs. USAA – Which Is Best?

Head to head it would be oversimplifying things to say with certainty whether GEICO or USAA would represent the best value for you without actual undertaking the comparative shopping process. An organized system or platform to transit your individual car insurance profile to multiple carriers would help guarantee that you get the most coverage for the least amount of cash.

The Bottom Line for Car Insurance Savings

Creating a clear personal insurance profile and aligning that with like to like coverage from multiple insurance providers will make a a very smart shopper in a product field that can often be confusing. Our web platform at General.com will give you the navigation tool you need to steer through the complexities of getting competing price quotes for your car insurance needs gat maximum savings.

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