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Metlife vs GEICO

You may not know it, but the auto insurance business is a state by state proposition. Even the familiar national brands need to conform to individual state regulations on top of Federal mandates. These have been put in place to protect the public and ensure that insurance companies have sufficient financial wherewithal to meet their financial obligations. If you’re reading this you doubtlessly know that in order to legally drive you must have a valid license and your car must be insured.

Auto insurance generally has no one fixed price. It is a variable priced product. Your insurance cost will depend on your personal profile and the coverage options you wish to purchase. You’ll need to supply such information as your domicile (in other words, will you be driving primarily in urban, suburban or rural locales), some demographic information (are you an experienced driver or a recently licensed drive). Finally, and most importantly car insurance providers want to know if your past record indicates a pattern of safe driving.

Most insurance companies offer a range of auto insurance coverage options ranging from basic liability up to more comprehensive packages that can provide emergency roadside service, protection for expensive audio gear, protection for other uninsured drivers and a host of others. When you’re looking for car insurance, make sure you get free quotes upfront in order to get the best savings. We at General can facilitate getting free quotes for your car insurance needs through our web platform. We’ll help put dollars back in your pocket.

Let’s Look Into Metlife

Metlife is a large financial services firm with annual revenues of almost $68 billion, net income of $5 billion and total assets of almost $690 billion. They have a worldwide footprint, employing about 48,000 people worldwide.

Metlife began its corporate life in 1863 providing casualty insurance to civil war soldiers against loss of life and limb. By 1868 they shifted their corporate focus to selling Life Insurance. They are headquartered in New York City in the architecturally noted MetLife building and their marketing strategy includes the naming rights for the fabled New York Giants football team.

MetLife traffics in a diverse portfolio of financial services products ranging from auto, life, and disability insurance to mortgages and mortgage backed securities.

Will you get better pricing from Metlife?

Your insurance product prices will be determined by the coverages you choose as well as your safety and demographic information. In other words, car insurance premiums are variable. You won’t necessarily be paying what others pay.

Customers wanting auto insurance price quotes from Metlife will first need to provide them with an information summary of themselves in order to let the firm determine how to accurately assess any auto coverage you want.

That information summary includes things like where do you live. Will most of your driving happen in rural areas or in heavily populated cities? The make model and age of your car is taken into consideration, as well as how long you’ve had your license. Newly licensed drivers should will not receive the very best rates until they’ve developed a history of safe driving. The Metlife underwriting team will take all of these factors into consideration to determine what prices they will quote you. Ask whether they give multi vehicle discounts and whether they reduce prices for professional affiliations.

Research can be complicated and time consuming but that’s where we can help. The General.com web platform will easily get you assembling the correct profile information, choose only those coverage options you’re looking for and get free price quotes from carriers like Metlife.

Now, What About GEICO?

The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Berkshire Hathaway conglomerate. Although Berkshire, as it is known, has its corporate offices in Omaha, Nebraska, GEICO is based out of Chevy Chase, Maryland. Better known by it’s the acronymic GEICO, t he company started it corporate life as the Government Employees Insurance Company. It was founded in San Antonio, Texas by an entrepreneurial husband and wife team, Leo and Lillian Goodwin.

The Goodwins built their built their business model on the assumption that, in Depression era America, federal workers with steady income would be a better risk pool of customers for an insurance provider. So that’s exacted who they targeted. Soon thereafter, they relocated to the place with the highest concentration of these potential customers, Washington, DC.

GEICO claims to be the second in the industry in selling auto insurance coverage to consumers with 15 million policy holders, and 24 million motor vehicles under policy. They are well known for their sometimes cheeky ad campaigns.

How Can You Save Money with GEICO?

Make it a habit to be a regular price checker. If you’re vigilant you will discover the best prices. Ask GEICO whether they will give multivehicle discounts. Do they provide affiliation discounts? Are there other ways to reduce your costs? Surely, being a safe driver is the absolute best way to get the low rates. But you’ll only know for sure whether you’re getting a bargain from GEICO if you directly line them up them up against a competitor.

Age tier GEICO avg. annual premium MetLife avg. annual premium
Teens $3,508 $6,434
20s $1,438 $2,457
30s $1,218 $2,457
40s $1,189 $1,590
50s $1,160 $1,520
60s $1,065 $1,414

Farm Metlife vs GEICO– Who’s Got the Best Rate?

As we’ve indicated, good drivers get lower rates. Virtually all insurance providers will give preferred pricing towards those with the best driving histories. Smart shoppers will also research any and all possible discounts that different carriers may have to offer. Multi-vehicle discounts, driving safety refresher courses and other things can bring down the price of your car insurance. Do your leg work. Don’t miss out on cash savings for you and your family.

Discount Type GEICO MetLife
Daytime Running Lights Discount up to 3% --
Claims Free Renewal Discount -- up to 20%
Defensive Driver Discount Varies up to 7%
Good Student Discount up to 15% up to 15%
Anti-lock Brake Discount up to 5% up to 5%
Accident Free Discount Varies --
Organization Discount Varies up to 10%
Seat Belt Use Discount up to 15% --
Passive Restraint Discount up to 25% up to 40%
Loyalty Discount -- Varies
Federal Employee Discount up to 25% --
Emergency Deployment Discount up to 25% --
Student Away at School Discount -- up to 10%
Anti-Theft Device Discount up to 25% up to 10%
Multiple Policy Discount Varies up to 10%
Good Driver Discount up to 26% up to 15%
Deductible discount -- Varies
Driving training discount Varies --
Multiple Vehicle Discount Varies Varies
Senior Adult Discount Varies --
teenSMART Discount Varies up to 7%
Military Discount up to 15% --

The Bottom Line for Car Insurance Savings

Our General.com web platform can work for you to get low prices for your car insurance needs. Don’t put it off. Go online to our easy web based tool and with a few clicks you’ll get free quotes to help you save money.

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