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Affordable home insurance covers a lot more than just your house. It can help protect your belongings, valuable items, property, and you. Home insurance can also provide personal liability coverage that helps cover your expenses if faced with property damage or bodily injury situation or lawsuit from a person that is visiting. 

What Determines Home Insurance Costs

When looking for quotes for affordable home insurance, your insurance agency will look at a number of variables. Each homeowner's insurance company looks at variables differently when determining the cost of your home insurance premium.

Factors that are looked at often include:

  • The value of your home
  • The value of your possessions
  • The risk of natural disasters and theft in your area
  • The amount it would cost to rebuild your home
  • The safety and security devices your home has
  • Whether or not you have a mortgage on the property
  • The type of home you are living in 
  • All of these factors affect your home insurance coverage costs.  

Remember to look into ways to save even more money on your home insurance policy. Fire extinguishers, security systems, and other safety and security measures help when it comes to saving money and protecting your home. Other examples of these devices include smoke alarms, deadbolts, sprinkler systems, and alarm systems. 

Also, you can save with a multi-policy discount. If you insure your car, business, or multiple homes with our company, you will save money. Sometimes, you can lower your home insurance premium easily by moving some of your more valuable possessions to other locations or adding security and safety devices to your home. 

What Your Insurance Covers

You will want to take a look at what your homeowner's insurance covers.  Many people think that it just covers fire and theft, but it also includes things like water damage, personal liability, wind, and hail.  That helps cover other things as well. Each year, one in every 12 to 20 homes files an insurance claim.  Your home is one of your most substantial and most important investments, and protecting it is essential. General Insurance provides high quality, affordable home insurance coverage that does not sacrifice quality. 

Protecting your belongings and your home is critical, and should be convenient. With General Insurance, you can pay your bill easily and quickly.  Making a claim is simple, and our customer service is fantastic.  We provide coverage for homeowners that offers the protection you need.  We also offer homeowners insurance coverage designed for landlords. Get the best affordable home insurance you can, as well as great options and flexibility, right here, with General Insurance.

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