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How Vehicle Make and Model Affects Your Insurance Rates

Automobile insurance is complicated, and you will want to be armed with the information you need to help you find the best car insurance policies for your needs. Finding the top car insurance policies involves comparison-shopping and basic knowledge of what car insurance policies cover. While it seems the process could take a long time, using websites like this one can help you find the top car insurance policy quickly and efficiently.

What does make and model mean?

One of the things that you will need to know when purchasing a car insurance policy is what the make and model of your vehicle are. The make of your car refers to the company that built it. Ford, GM, Chevrolet, Honda, Nissan are some examples of companies that make vehicles, and these names are also the make of the car.

The model of your vehicle is the specific type of car that is made by that company. If talking about the Dodge Ram, Dodge it would be the make of the vehicle and RAM would be the model. The name of your vehicle is also used to help car insurance companies determine whether it is a standard, sport, or luxury vehicle. Additionally, it will be able to determine whether your car is a coupe, sedan, or hatchback. These details also have an effect on your auto insurance premiums.

Why should I shop for insurance by car model?

Different vehicles have different safety ratings and features that come standard. Because of this, automobile insurance providers will want to know what the model of your vehicle is. Vehicles that are statistically safer and less likely to be involved in accidents will generally cost less than average for car insurance premiums because of it. There are a wide variety of reasons that some makes and models of vehicles are cheaper to insure, and some people even choose to take into consideration the potential car insurance savings that they can get through purchasing a car that is well known to have lower rates.

Which makes and models are cheaper to insure?

There are quite a few vehicles on the market, and many of them are great for car insurance premiums. There are also plenty of models of cars that are not good for car insurance prices overall. Some of the vehicles that are known to be less expensive when it comes to automobile insurance are the Volvo V70 ,the Honda CR – V, the Honda Odyssey, the Toyota Camry, Buick Lucerne, and there are plenty of other vehicles that are fantastic as well. Getting quotes for different types of cars before making your purchase can be a smart plan. The tools here can help you get the top quotes on auto insurance to help you save a lot of money. The cost of insuring your car adds up to be a lot of money over the years that you own the vehicle, so finding the best rates on car insurance is incredibly smart.

Auto Insurance by Vehicle Type

Statistically speaking, different vehicle types are more likely to be involved in accidents than others. Additionally, the safety ratings for different types of vehicles can vary. Lastly, the amounts of money it would take to repair or replace a vehicle is taken into consideration when car insurance quotes are given. Here are some of the ways your vehicle type can affect your car insurance premiums.


Minivans are often on the lowest end of the pricing scale in terms of purchasing cheap car insurance policies. Drivers who buy minivans tend to be families and people who need safer vehicles. Because of this, minivans tend to have more safety features, which can help lead to lower insurance costs.


SUVs have a pretty bad reputation for being expensive vehicles that use a lot of gas. Fortunately for people who like this class of vehicle, they are more affordable to insure than many other types of vehicles. Vehicle makers want to keep their customers happy, and because these are sport utility vehicles, safety is generally a high focus.


Pickups are rugged and well-built. This makes them on the list of most affordable vehicles to buy insurance policies for. These are designed to last a long time and be able to put in a lot of miles and a lot of work. As fuel costs decrease, it is likely that pickups will be even more popular as well, which may help lower the prices even more.


Sedans are popular vehicles, and they are affordable in terms of car insurance because they can be relatively inexpensive to repair compared to other cars. Adding additional safety features and avoiding luxury trims can help people save money on car insurance for sedans.

Luxury Vehicles

Finding cheap car insurance for luxury vehicles can be a little bit more difficult because the cost of repairing these types of cars is expensive. Comparison-shopping, looking at safety ratings, and looking at the availability of people that can repair the vehicle you are considering are all significant factors to consider when purchasing a luxury vehicle.

Sports Cars

As high-performance vehicles, sports cars are expensive to insure. They are most often foreign-made vehicles, and additionally, they tend to be made of lightweight materials that are often difficult to repair. Statistics have also shown that the drivers of sports vehicles are generally more risky with their driving, which increases the chances of an accident. Because of these factors, as well as others, sports cars are often the most expensive vehicles to insure.

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