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Tips To Protect Your Home And Save On Insurance

No matter your state, ZIP Code, or neighborhood, you can get home insurance quotes from General Insurance free online. If you want to protect your future and own a home, homeowners insurance is a vital part of that investment. While your home is the place of memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life, it is not immune to damages from nature and theft. Your home is a significant purchase, often costing more than any other individual investment people have. General Insurance is here in case a large number of costly situations occur. Protect yourself and your wallet with our fantastic insurance plans.

Types Of Insurance

Homeowners insurance provides dwelling coverage, which covers your home in cases like fire, lightning, theft, malicious destruction, and more.

Personal property coverage is the insurance that covers the possessions inside of your home. This can include things like clothing, appliances, and even your dishes. Additional coverage may be needed to cover expensive items like collectibles, jewelry, and fine art.

Liability coverage is the insurance we offer that protects you in case another person is injured on your property. It covers medical expenses and/or expenses from lawsuits that occur because of an injury.

Many discounts help people save, and General Insurance offers some of the best. By outfitting your house with things like fire extinguishers or smoke alarms, or anti-theft systems like deadbolts and alarms, you can save a lot of money. You can also save through multi-policy discounts, weatherproofing discounts, no claims discounts, and others. 

Final Notes

General Insurance is a premier place to get home insurance quotes for people looking to save money while still having quality customer service, policies, and a simple claims filing process. Get a free online quote today, or call one of our agents for more information/specific questions. 

For great insurance you can count on, at an affordable price, get home insurance quotes at General Insurance.

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